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Nothing new … Nothing interesting

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Still doing some packing … and a lot of cleaning. All the paper shredding is finally done.

Some reading, a little knitting but no great progress being made on the drop stitch scarf.

Managing the details of 3 places is about as cumbersome as my keychain! Luckily we meet with the realtor tomorrow and will get this place on the market the first of July.


Digging in the trash

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Before heading to FL, we went through the kitchen and chose what would go to FL, to GA, and what we’d put out for the junk man ( 1800 Junk picks it all up and donates or recycles as much as possible) so my kitchen has no pots or bowls left and I had an urge to make some chicken salad tonight.

I decided I could use the ceramic insert for the crock pot that’s going to GA to mix and refrigerate the chicken salad but I needed something to cook the chicken breasts in so I went downstairs to the garage where all the junk is piled up waiting to be picked up next Monday and sure enough I found a pan that I could bake the chicken in.



If you’re following my progress

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Phase one of three is done. Keith and Chesty are settled in FL and I’m heading back to Minneapolis today for phase two.


I’m lucky that Keith has two business trips to Minneapolis in the next couple weeks so I’ll see him then but it was HARD leaving Chesty knowing I won’t see him for 5 weeks. Thank goodness for FaceTime and yes, I will be FaceTiming with a DOG!!

Thinking of quilting

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I haven’t done any piecing but I think about it.

I love a schoolhouse quilt. Here’s one from eBay in two colors that I like.


And I have one in one of my books in golds and reds that is amazing. I was hoping that Accuquilt would come out with a die for this block and they have… Only it’s appliqué rather than pieced. I can’t decide if I’m going to get it. I’m not a huge fan of doing appliqué although I certainly like appliqué quilts …it’s just not my thing usually.

I’ll have to think on it for now but I’m leaning toward getting the die just in case I want to make one.

We have furniture

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After all my whining, we finally got most of the furniture today. There are still a few pieces coming including an ottoman/coffee table but I have living room furniture (I did take the plastic off those lamp shades)


And a bed (which I’m lying in right now)


And we put a daybed with trundle in the sewing room for company. It has a trundle that pulls out so we can sleep two in there.


Several people asked why we were buying furniture rather than bringing it from MN and the answer is that:

1) we had furniture that was destroyed in January at the GA condo and was going to have to be replaced when the unit above us had a bad leak

2) since my longarm, stash, and certain other pieces of furniture were going GA anyway it made sense to use the moving company for one location and send the MN furniture there

3) we have a king size bed in GA but our mattress and box springs in MN were older and due to be replaced anyway so we bought a new set here in FL

It’s a complicated move and I’m sure I’ve confused a lot of people with the bits and pieces I’ve posted. Because I don’t think we’ll have a permanent home again for at least several years (3-4 years or maybe more?!), it makes sense to have the difficult stuff like my long arm and stash and the bulk of our furniture at our place in GA. My thought is that eventually we will live there part-time but the other places we may go to in the next few years will be temporary and I want to move a minimum amount of stuff because we may be moving every 1-2 years.

A lot of unknowns will dictate where we live and for how long so I’m trying to plan the best I can.

Poor Keith

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I’ve been giving him a lot of grief telling him I hate this apartment because it’s inconvenient in a lot of ways but I have to say for the first time today I can appreciate some of its advantages. I walked over and got a manicure/pedicure, ate dinner, picked up a couple things at the grocery store and walked back — all very close by and convenient.