I made it

A good dinner at a favorite Cuban place with Keith last night and a reunion with Chesty were the perfect homecoming activities.

This morning Keith headed out for a couple days so we’re just relaxing and I’ll pull out my design wall, set it up, and sew a little but no real agenda for the first time in months!


15 thoughts on “I made it

  1. Angie

    Glad you are home at last. Too bad you come home—and Keith needs to leave so soon. Chesty looks very happy up on the back of the sofa. Our Sassy does has a similar perch.

  2. Ann

    Chesty looks a lot perkier than in the last photo. He’s as happy to see you as you are to see him. Down time is cuddle time!

  3. SaraF

    Settling in with no agenda is probably exactly what you need after the crazy past 2 months. Enjoy relaxing with Chesty in your new home.

  4. Sheree

    Glad you made it to your new “home”. You & your boys need to see each other again for some low key quality time!

  5. Linda H

    I like that phrase … “no agenda day” … I think I will use it from now on! Glad you’re HOME and everything is sort of back to normal. Chesty looks really happy to see you, too (as I’m sure Keith was as well). Happy for you 😉

  6. Grace

    Home sweet home! Was Chesty turning cartwheels when he saw you? I Chesty’s leg is better or is he still visiting the vet? I live in Florida also and, yes, it’s the season when the rains come every day for a few hours.

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