Goodbye peace and quiet

It’s been 12+ years since Keith has worked out of the house … Now, when he’s not traveling he’ll be working from the apartment. Today he was on a conference call in the living area and I was sewing in the back bedroom … with my music on to drown him out. I realized I could use the small rotating mat on the ironing board so I didn’t have to go into the kitchen to trim my blocks. The second set of blocks is done so now I just have to assemble both tops but tomorrow is a Spa day!

Having him around during the day will take some getting used to!


7 thoughts on “Goodbye peace and quiet

  1. Nancy

    No doubt it will be an adjustment for both of you, but once you get used to each other’s routine, I’m sure all will go smoothly.

  2. Angie

    It will take some adjusting. Bill and I are both retired, and have been for years. But, I remember the first few months of his retirement was “different”. That is when I discovered having a dedicated sewing room was really nice! And, no I did not want to go everyplace with him! Like down to Best Buy or the Hardware store, or wherever—and no he did not need to go everyplace with me either. I think that was the difficult adjustment for us. Headphones for music and the TV are helpful too.

  3. Linda H

    LOL Angie … that’s just what is going on at our house!! Roger needs to find some buddies to “hang” with … like fishing with him a lot but not EVERYTIME he goes!! What’s what old saying about retirement? “Lot more honey and a lot less money” …. LOL

  4. Jeanj

    Yes, it will be an adjustment, but be thankful you still have him. When they are gone it is not easy.

  5. SaraF

    it does take some adjustment. My husband began a new business 2 years ago and works from home when not on business trips as well. I had office space in a school but I may be losing that space and working from home starting in the next month. I’ve set up a small office space for myself in our basement family room. But I’m not too sure that both of us working from home is going to work out very well. Hope it does work out for you.

  6. Ann

    It does help to have some space where you can do your own thing, but I agree ~ it takes getting used to! Wishing you the best!!

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