Sewing along with HeartStrings

I’m assembling my first set of RWB blocks and didn’t take my own advice at first. I usually recommend using a walking foot to assemble these because of the extra layer from the muslin foundation.


I couldn’t easily find the walking foot so I started assembling them without and even though I pinned the blocks … It was hard to get them lined up exactly because the top block was being pushed down slightly.


While I’m not a perfectionist and don’t intend to take this out, it bothered me just enough that I went hunting through the bins for my walking foot.


With the top and bottom feeding evenly using the walking foot … It’s much easier to get the seams lined up.

8 thoughts on “Sewing along with HeartStrings

  1. Ann

    I do like to use a walking foot when trying to match seamed pieces! What is it about those unmatched seams that drives a quilter crazy =)

  2. Ruth

    I’m assembling a string quilt at the moment and have been struggling with accuracy. It never occurred to me to put my walking foot on! So glad I read your post this morning.

  3. Marina Louw

    Thanks for the tip – will remember it when I have blocks like these to sew in future!

  4. Rebecca

    Just bought a new Babylock Crecendo sewing machine and they have this awesome special walking foot. I couldn’t think of anything to do with it really except quilt in the ditch. Thanks for another use.

  5. Kristy Wilkinson

    So glad to see you sewing again! Hope you are settling in. Thanks for the tip. K-

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