Slowing down

I’m taking this move as an opportunity to slow down so you will see a much less frantic pace from me. The Minneapolis years got increasing busy with HeartStrings, traveling, volunteering with the library and Habitat and I felt like I was always running to catch up.

I’ll still be working with HeartStrings and traveling — in fact, I’m traveling to Lincoln in August and Maine in September for HeartStrings events but having my longarm in GA will force me (in a good way) to slow down in my quilting. I’m anxious to spend more time piecing that I’ve been able to do in the last 7+ years.

I’ll also be doing more walking to prepare for the half marathons in November and March – I don’t plan to run them, but having a training goal will hopefully keep me moving on a week to week basis. We’ll continue to travel and I plan on lots of down time, sitting by the pool and reading and finally my library time will be spent getting back to work on my family genealogy rather than volunteering.

West Broward library

Today is a library day and I’m enjoying the view from my table!

9 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. Mary Gischer

    It’s good to do the things you love and want to do, instead of always being consumed bt the ‘have to’s. We are going off the grid for 3 days to a ‘cabin’ (nicer than my house!) that belongs to DH ‘s cousin. Lovely woods and river, nice down time!

  2. Nancy

    Change is good, and you have plans for some great changes.

    I had hoped to see you in Nebraska, but unfortunately, that is not possible. Have a good trip.

  3. Angie

    Good plan. Sometimes in an effort to please, we get involved in too many things, and as you said, then we feel like we are always playing catch up.

  4. QuiltSue

    I think sometimes we all need to slow down and take the pressure off ourselves. The trouble is always in recognising when that time is!

  5. Jay in Nebraska

    Mary, do you mean Lincoln, NE? I been out of the loop for so long and just getting back into the swing of things.

  6. Debra

    Good to slow down a bit and take stock. Just think of all of the tops you have to quilt when you get to your long arm.

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