I have a brown thumb

Gardening isn’t my thing but I love having a plant on my deck. In Minneapolis we had full sun all day long and geraniums were the only flowers that would tolerate it along with my over and under watering.


I was thinking about trying hibiscus here on the deck in FL but Keith voted for bougainvillea. It’s supposed to be a hardy plant so here’s hoping I don’t kill it!


10 thoughts on “I have a brown thumb

  1. Marilyn

    They are a hard plant to kill. Be careful or it will grow and take over the balcony, roof and whole deck. They do get spikes so be careful when trimming them. We had one in So. Cal that grew over the whole front of the house. It was gorgeous, but dangerous to trim. Would tear up your arms and hands something awful. 🙂

  2. swooze

    One of my favorite plants and I never managed to kill mine! Good luck. Hope Chesty is coming along health wise. How old is he?

  3. Florence

    That’s a beautiful plant. Are you able to sit out and knit or read, or is it too hot?

  4. SaraF

    I also have a brown thumb. There are 2 big pots on my deck – one with a tomato plant and the other with flowers. That is about all I have interest in keeping alive these days.

  5. Ann

    I love blooming plants but suffer from the brown thumb malady as well. Don’t know why it’s so hard to remember to water them.

  6. Diane

    You are so smart to choose the tropical plants! We have lived in Plantation/Sunrise and have been successful with growing. This time of year most everything fries and needs some shade and water. On the upside you can have flowering plants all year long. Your geraniums are lovely.

  7. Karin Vail

    I also have a brown thumb – I managed to kill a Donkey’s Tail (succulent) in the house. My sweet husband bought me a huge hanging basket for our anniversary, and so far I’ve managed to keep it alive – and it’s been about a month now. Of course it’s one that requires full sun and lots of water. Then, last week, a friend of hubby’s who is working for a nursery brought me a flat of flowers. I don’t ”do” flower beds, so I needed to get supplies to plant them in planters. He came back a few days later with more flowers and was surprised I hadn’t planted the first ones yet. Um, ya. Haven’t gotten around to going to town to get potting soil. Luckily I had enough empty pots, I hate buying stuff like that!

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