Trial and Error

Since I rarely make a quilt from a pattern, I have to figure out things for myself. The blocks for my HSTeria quilt can be assembled either in rows …

photo 1

Or in quads…

photo 2

and I tried both ways to figure out which was easier from an assembly and pressing standpoint and am assembling the block in quadrants. My fabric placement is a little more random since I’m sewing 4 HST’s together and just making sure that the bottom right one is different in each of the 4 quads (that’s where the 4 browns will come together).


I’m making good progress!

photo (1)

On a side note, I bought a new laptop the other day. While I use my iPad most frequently there are still some things I need a computer for and I have to say I’m loving┬áthe combination of keyboard and touch screen on the Lenovo computer. I’m so used to touching the screen on the iPad to choose an item or to scroll that’s its cool to be able to use those same actions on the laptop rather than always having to use the keyboard. I will admit that Window’s 8 has a bit of a learning curve … it’s very different from previous versions and I’m having to hunt around to figure out how to do things I’ve done for years without any thought at all.

11 thoughts on “Trial and Error

  1. Ann

    Great progress on the top ~ I like it. Good luck with the new computer. I’ve heard Windows 8 is challenging.

  2. Vic in NH

    Your blocks are charming! These are similar to “Depression” blocks, I think, but they just have the corner HST’s turned outward. Maybe we should call them “Recession” blocks? LOL! With today’s stock market dip, it’s perfect.

  3. Mary Jo

    Love these quilt blocks…might have to try those myself. Good luck with Windows 8. My husband’s computer has it and since I am his “trouble shooter” when things don’t work the way he wants them to I have had to learn a little bit about it. I still don’t like using it! I have an I-Mac and I love it. My son who uses lots of graphics for his business talked me into getting it and I am so glad I did!

  4. Angie

    What size GO die did you use to cut the fabrics? I think the browns with the blues is so nice! I have a lot of blues, but not sure how much brown I have. Our son just bought the same Lenovo laptop at Best Buy, he really likes it. I have played with Windows 8 when all the icons are up on the screen. I just would not know how to get them all there to start with. But, I like that you touch where you want to go, and are there almost immediately.
    Personally I would love to have an Mac Book Pro. I have an iMac desktop, but my a lot of my Designers Gallery embroidery software won’t run on the Mac Book unless I install Window on it, and that sort of defeats the point of having a Mac. I’m considering selling my Designers Gallery programs and only using software that runs on Mac Book Pro. We’ll see—I love your quilt, and before you know it you will be a Windows 8 pro! 24

  5. Debra

    I absolutely love this quilt. The colours and the pattern are beautiful. I have an older laptop which I am happy with but it is getting slow and I might need to upgrade soon. I will be interested in hearing how you like your laptop as time go on. My Mom has an iPad which she loves but there are some programs she would like that are still not available on Apple. As much as I like it I am still more a Windows girl. I have to learn the Apple stuff as I am Mom’s technical support person.

  6. Linda in NE

    Your brown/blue quilt will be beautiful. I always like that color combination.

    Windows 8.1 with the Spring 8.1 update helps Win8 make more sense. I like that I can start with my old familiar start screen and have my programs on the Tiles Start Page—with my most used ones in the bar at the bottom. I’ve been using Chrome so my most-used web sites are in the bookmark bar at the top. Did you know that right-clicking on the Windows symbol at the lower left-hand corner of the old-style start screen lets you shut off the computer and find many things you might need? There are lots of how-to videos on youTube.

  7. QuiltSue

    I too had to move to Windows 8 earlier this year. I really did not like it at all but stuck with it and when they brought out 8.1 it made a big difference. Now I’m OK with it almost all the time, but do still have to refer to the Dummies book occasionally.

  8. Linda H

    I didn’t like Windows 8 when I first got it on my computer … it didn’t seem like there were many “new” things … they just moved the OLD things to NEW locations and you have to hunt for them … it was frustrating. Sometimes I think they issue new releases of software just to add to their bottom line … IMHO

  9. Cindy B.

    Love the blocks!

    HATE Windows 8. About ready to toss this thing out the window. I sure hope the VA does NOT *upgrade* t0 it!

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