You won’t see lists of goals like in the past because the intention for however long we’re in FL is to spend my time more leisurely – walking, reading by the pool, working on my family genealogy, knitting, and yes piecing and quilting too but not at the same frantic pace of past years. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to focus on donation quilting and that I don’t have any goals … Each night before I sleep or in the morning before I get up, I think about my day and what I want to accomplish. Today – I need to walk, I’ll knit this evening while I finish listening to my current audiobook, and my quilting goal was to assemble the HSTeria top … And it’s done!


It will be set aside to wait it’s turn for quilting in GA but don’t expect to see it done this year. I’m still trying to decide how much time I’m going to be able to manage to squeeze in at Big Canoe in October but there are HeartStrings tops and some UFO’s ahead of this one to be quilted.

Brief instructions have been added to my website

I did change my mind after designing the quilt and added a narrow inner border from a blue fabric found in the stash that worked with the other blues. And speaking of borders … How do you attach yours? Do you take the time to measure and pin? I do and I’m lucky that there’s just enough floor space in the sewing room to do it.


20 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Laurie Gathje

    I just LOVE this quilt! The blues/browns are such a great combo! I was thinking of you today while I was walking across the Stone Arch Bridge! I hope you are able to enjoy your walks in FL as much as you did in MN. I know you’ll miss the snow but maybe when it’s -30 below here and you are basking in the 80’s you might not!

    Good luck to you on your new adventure! And congrats on the new grand baby!!

  2. Anne Simonot

    OMG, I know I’m copying the first two commenters, but I love this! Beautiful colour combo and I love HST quilts. I must make one again — the only one I’ve made so far was a baby size, and it was lovely, but yours… Wow!!

  3. Nancy

    It’s gorgeous!

    Yes, I measure several places width and length on the quilt before I cut borders. I measure mine on the floor, too.

  4. Amy (NW WI)

    WOW! AWESOME colors!!!!
    And yuppers — I do my borders the exact same way! I’ve never had a case of wavy borders 😉

    SO, I have lost track of you dear — my blog reading time has been very minimal over the past few months due to, simply put… “life.”

    You’ve left MN, that I know. For good? (as in, is the house sold/up for sale?)
    Is GA the new permanent household? And now Florida is in the mix. Oh man… I’m so out of the know.

    Such sadness that I never had the chance to meet you face-to-face on New Richmond sewing days.

  5. MarilynS

    Mollie, I know I could never live in FLA full time. Have been there a few times and will be again in Nov. Sailing out of Miami but may fly into Ft. Lauderdale (cheaper). Of course, I live in the Palm Springs area…we have had Monsoons for the past week. Humid here too. I do not do well with humidity. I want to open up all the windows and have cool evenings.

    Love the quilt and the colors. Just beautiful!

  6. Linda H

    Love that quilt … beautiful. Also love the picture of Chesty … tonight was difficult was we had to put our little girl down. Can’t sleep and ran across your post and the picture of Chesty … made me smile and think of her … thank you! Linda

  7. Trish

    Love this new quilt. When I add borders, I just make them too long and start sewing the sides on, then I cut off the excess. For the top and bottom, I do the same unless there are corner blocks, then I have to measure.

    Chesty looks so relaxed and content!

  8. Bunny

    The colors are beautiful. The inner border really sets it off and the outer border sparkles! I have always measured my borders. I measure at every stage. My husband is very grateful, as he is a long-armer and really struggles when the borders are wavy.

  9. KatieQ

    I do like the blue and brown combo and the added blue inner border. The HST have such great feel of movement. Chesty looks like he has settled in very well in Florida. Maybe he’s becoming a tropical dog.

  10. Donna

    Beautiful, I will have to try HST sometime soon, also love the oolor you have chosen. I will have to find that HST tutorial again.

  11. sis

    Oh my goodness. I too, love the colors and this quilt. I think I may have to do one like it. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy yourself and take good care of each other.

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