Something new!

Since I finished my HSTeria top yesterday, today I get to start something new. This is one I cut and kitted up when I was waiting to get the go ahead to start packing for the move. It’s going to be one of my 4 Patches on the Diagonal quilts … I’ve had this quilt drafted and up on my website for a long time but hadn’t gotten around to piecing it myself.


It’s going to be bright with those yellows as the background!


14 thoughts on “Something new!

  1. Marilyn mcKinnon

    This is lovely. I get so many ideas from you for my charity quilts. Thanks for that. Marilyn

  2. kristy Wilkinson

    What lovely colors! I love this new quilt. Also I have been away from the computer for a bit so I need to say congratulations on another adorable granddaughter. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing your progress on your quilting. It encourages me to try harder designs. Enjoy your piecing! K-

  3. Connie Griffin

    Nice! I may have seen this pattern done up before, but it’s so much more inspiring to make it when I know the person who’s put some time and effort into writing the pattern.

    Thanks, Mary!

  4. Gisela Seastrom

    I,m almost done putting the binding on my sons t shirt quilt.does this mean I can start a new project??l like that pattern and your colors

  5. Connie in Louisiana

    Such a fun quilt. Being from South Louisiana is reminds me of one of the big holidays in this area…So Mardi Gras!! Love it!

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