Drafting a quilt

I’ve said before that I find a lot of ideas for quilts on eBay. Tonight this antique quilt caught my eye.


I looked a little closer to see the block construction.


I drafted a block and set 4 of them together in my TouchDraw app


I’d piece this as a 12 inch finished block (12.5 with seam allowances)
(1) 4.5 inch square
(4) 4.5 inch half square triangles
(8) 2.5 x 4.5 inch flying geese

I’d use my Eleanor Burns flying geese ruler to make 4 geese at a time. It’s my favorite method for making flying geese.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever piece this quilt but if I do, I’ll have my ideas all in one place with this blog post.

(FYI – this is what I do at night when I can’t sleep!)

8 thoughts on “Drafting a quilt

  1. Karen

    Fun block. The name of this block is Capital T. It lis a great block for a two color quilt. I made it in red and white and swapped the lights and darks every other block. My inspiration was a quilt in the Red and White Quilt Exhibit in New York City a couple of years ago.

  2. Susan

    How funny! I saw this same quilt on Ebay and also drafted the pattern exactly like you did. I get ideas from Pinterest, too. I have a folder (chock-a-block full) of quilty ideas and pictures. Great idea to watermark photos…wish I had done this over the years. Hundreds of my quilts are just out there in cyberspace! Drat!

  3. Marky

    We are 2 peas in a pod! Sometimes it is as satisfying for me to figure out and draft a block or quilt I’ve seen in a magazine or on the Internet, as it is to make the quilt. It appeals to the analytical side of my brain.

  4. Angela

    What a pretty quilt. I hope it makes it onto your list to make someday. Drafting a quilt takes a lot less time than making it though.

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