Quick Strippies

A lot of you ask me where I get the fabrics for my Quick Strippie quilts. Whenever I’m in a quilt shop, I check out the kid’s and the clearance sections. While I always prefer to buy fabric at a discount, I don’t mind buying a really cute one at full price for my Strippies since it just takes a yard of the focus fabric. Most of the time I pull the other two fabrics from my stash.

If I’m looking for a specific theme – like this quilt for my niece’s daughter – then I like to shop at Fabric.com. They have a lot of novelty fabrics and you can search by category¬†(Novelty)¬†or by keyword (Ladybug).


2 thoughts on “Quick Strippies

  1. Diana from SC

    I, too, looking for children fabric. Ran across a great deal last Christmas in Biloxi while visiting my daughter and family. I have already put together about a dozen of the strip quilts for my guild….just need to quilt them. Thanks for the patterns you offer us.

  2. Mechelle

    LOVE the ladybugs! I like fabric.com too, but another great place to get fabric, if you like a bargain is thousandsofbolts.com her search is not great, but everything is organized by color, the prices can’t be beat and she ships fast.(no affilation) She also has “short cuts” & fat quarters which I LOVE because they are bargain priced for charity scrap quilts!

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