Watermarking photos

Do you add a watermark to the photos you share online? I try to remember to watermark my finished quilts and quilt designs for a couple reasons … One, I find that my quilts show up on all kinds of websites without any mention of where they were found or who they belong to — call me egotistical but if someone is sharing one of my quilts I’d like the world to know that it’s mine. Second, like many of you out there I save photos of quilts that interest me and if I didn’t have some way of indicating where I found the photo … by the time I got around to using it for inspiration, most likely I wouldn’t remember where it came from so having a watermark on the photo, reminds people where they saw a particular quilt.

One of the updates I’m working on is going through my MaryQuilts.com site and adding the watermarks to photos there that somehow got uploaded without them. Yep, I just realized that the EQ design for the quilt I linked to yesterday had no watermark – now it does!

Screenshot (1)

So what’s an easy way to watermark them? Many photo editing programs have options for adding text or watermarks. On the computer I use Picasa – a free photo editing/organizing program from Google and on the iPad, I use an app called Impression.

4 thoughts on “Watermarking photos

  1. SaraF

    I haven’t been doing this but I think it will be a very good idea in the future – in particular on finished project photos. Thanks for posting about this.

  2. Bonnie in va

    I too watermark photos. I found a free site and played around until I had the words where I wanted it onthe photo. But. I can’t figure out what size the type will show up as when the photo is uploaded to the blog. Sigh. And,no, you aren’t being egotistical.

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