OK, it will have to be Plan B for this little HeartStrings top. I keep shredding my thread as I try to quilt these swirls … I’ve changed needles, slowed down, sped up … Whenever I get near the seams, the thread frays and breaks.

So I’ll pick out the two blocks I’ve quilted and throw the walking foot on and do some straight line quilting.


Don’t expect to see any progress on this one for a week or more. I’m traveling Saturday and there are lots of stitches to pick out before I can start over.

5 thoughts on “Failure!

  1. vera carr

    Where you using a black thread? I amost always have trouble in the emb. machine with that color. My sister has trouble on the quilting machine with black.Vera.

  2. Lorraine

    Oh, that’s frustrating!! I usually find that it is the thread. The only other thing I can advise is to clean out the bobbin area. I do a lot of FMQ and have only had trouble with variegated thread.

  3. Susie

    Hi Mary!

    Some threads the way they are wound on the spool have to be placed in the vertical position verses horizontal. You might try that too before ripping it all out.

  4. Carol

    Oh no that’s a shame Mary after all your hard work. TURNING THE NEEDLE JUST A TINY BIT TO THE RIGHT so the eye of the needle is facing more in the direction that the thread is running from might help??? This can only be accomplished if the needle slot is not defined and there is wiggle room. Some threads are wound differently and cause problems regardless. Hope this helps. Best wishes….

  5. Tanya

    I know how frustrating that can be. It seems to be something to do with the thread and the needle sizes. Someday I’m going make a list of the threads I use and what number needles work best with each one. If you get it figured out let us know!

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