Family time

The afternoon with Caleb….


Time with Bree and dinner at Adam’s….


A glass of wine and time with my book….


Equals a great day!

7 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Penny G

    So glad it was a great day. Hope tomorrow is as great. Bree is cute as a button and Keith is smiling like a Cheshire cat. Joy.

  2. Marilyn mcKinnon

    The picture of your husband with that beautiful little bundle is so precious. I have never seen such a glorious smile.

  3. Linda H

    Bree looks soooooo tiny against Keith’s chest … what a beautiful smile on his face. Happiness to you all!!

  4. Nancy

    Great photos of your day with the Grands. Adam must love puzzles because he nearly has that one solved. Bree is such a tiny thing – so precious!

  5. SaraF

    Such nice family photos. That new baby is so tiny and sweet. And grandpa looks like he was enjoying all of the kiddos. We got to spend the day with our 4 grandkids. I hadn’t seen Sophia since July 4th weekend and she has strep throat so she didn’t come to the zoo with us. But we did go visit later this afternoon.

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