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Quick Strippies

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A lot of you ask me where I get the fabrics for my Quick Strippie quilts. Whenever I’m in a quilt shop, I check out the kid’s and the clearance sections. While I always prefer to buy fabric at a discount, I don’t mind buying a really cute one at full price for my Strippies since it just takes a yard of the focus fabric. Most of the time I pull the other two fabrics from my stash.

If I’m looking for a specific theme – like this quilt for my niece’s daughter – then I like to shop at They have a lot of novelty fabrics and you can search by category¬†(Novelty)¬†or by keyword (Ladybug).


Watermarking photos

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Do you add a watermark to the photos you share online? I try to remember to watermark my finished quilts and quilt designs for a couple reasons … One, I find that my quilts show up on all kinds of websites without any mention of where they were found or who they belong to — call me egotistical but if someone is sharing one of my quilts I’d like the world to know that it’s mine. Second, like many of you out there I save photos of quilts that interest me and if I didn’t have some way of indicating where I found the photo … by the time I got around to using it for inspiration, most likely I wouldn’t remember where it came from so having a watermark on the photo, reminds people where they saw a particular quilt.

One of the updates I’m working on is going through my site and adding the watermarks to photos there that somehow got uploaded without them. Yep, I just realized that the EQ design for the quilt I linked to yesterday had no watermark – now it does!

Screenshot (1)

So what’s an easy way to watermark them? Many photo editing programs have options for adding text or watermarks. On the computer I use Picasa – a free photo editing/organizing program from Google and on the iPad, I use an app called Impression.

Something new!

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Since I finished my HSTeria top yesterday, today I get to start something new. This is one I cut and kitted up when I was waiting to get the go ahead to start packing for the move. It’s going to be one of my 4 Patches on the Diagonal quilts … I’ve had this quilt drafted and up on my website for a long time but hadn’t gotten around to piecing it myself.


It’s going to be bright with those yellows as the background!



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You won’t see lists of goals like in the past because the intention for however long we’re in FL is to spend my time more leisurely – walking, reading by the pool, working on my family genealogy, knitting, and yes piecing and quilting too but not at the same frantic pace of past years. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to focus on donation quilting and that I don’t have any goals … Each night before I sleep or in the morning before I get up, I think about my day and what I want to accomplish. Today – I need to walk, I’ll knit this evening while I finish listening to my current audiobook, and my quilting goal was to assemble the HSTeria top … And it’s done!


It will be set aside to wait it’s turn for quilting in GA but don’t expect to see it done this year. I’m still trying to decide how much time I’m going to be able to manage to squeeze in at Big Canoe in October but there are HeartStrings tops and some UFO’s ahead of this one to be quilted.

Brief instructions have been added to my website

I did change my mind after designing the quilt and added a narrow inner border from a blue fabric found in the stash that worked with the other blues. And speaking of borders … How do you attach yours? Do you take the time to measure and pin? I do and I’m lucky that there’s just enough floor space in the sewing room to do it.



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I know just enough abut computers and the internet to be dangerous. I’ve been having a problem with WordPress on the HeartStrings site since January but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it and since I could still post to the HS blog from the iPad I didn’t spend much time troubleshooting but I knew I needed to get it figured out so that I could clean up and update some other things on the site … Last night I spent hours researching the problems and looking at code to see if I could find the issue … and I do mean hours.

Finally around 5:30 am, I solved the problem without having to pay someone to go in and do it for me. In all my years of blogging and maintaining websites I’ve never had to pay anyone to set up or troubleshoot them so I was thrilled that once again I managed to get the administrative side of the website up and running without losing all my content!!

It’s one thing I love about the internet, you can find out how to do just about anything.

On my needles

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Checking my progress on the blanket — I haven’t knit every night as I intended but I like to knit in the evenings when Keith is gone while I listen to my audiobook.

The width of my blanket is about 28 inches and I’ve done 25 inches in length. If I remember correctly the original might be square but I usually prefer a rectangular shape for quilts and blankets so maybe I’ll knit a little past 28 inches and see what looks good to me. It’s just meant to be car seat or stroller size so it doesn’t need to be all that large.