The debate is over

After several months of debate, we finally decided to go ahead and get a 2nd car. For 8 years we’ve shared the one (a 10 year old Avalon) but between me wanting to be able to drive to GA when I want to and stay as long as I want, and the Avalon getting some age on it, we decided we might as well go ahead and buy it now.

We decided on a Subaru Outback both for the cargo space and durability and because I don’t like SUV’s (too big). It’s actually considered a wagon … Never thought I’d get Keith to agree to a wagon but he’s the one that suggested the Outback as a possibility after evaluating one for their sales force.


I can’t wait to take it on a road trip next week to GA!

15 thoughts on “The debate is over

  1. Marilyn mcKinnon

    Congratulations. We are on our second outback. They are fabulous. Canadian winter/mountain roads demand an awesome car and our outback has never let us down. You can go anywhere in one. They are so solid to drive that I feel very safe. Never feel stiff and cramped after a long drive either. I am sure you will be very pleased with it. Marilyn

  2. San

    Ohhhh, wow! Love that color. Perfect vehicle for heading off to the mountains. After all, the weather can change quite a bit between here and Florida. Happy trails indeed.

  3. Carmel

    Congratulations! I’m a big fan of Subaru. Had an Impreza and now a Liberty. We have wet winters where I live in Australia and the Subarus just handle the road conditions so well.

  4. Sara

    Moved from a Suburban to an Outback and have never looked back. Now, to be fair, the Outback will not haul a horse trailer but other than that, it seems to do just about everything I need it to do ……and it has puddle lights, which I just love (they are so stinkin’ cute)

  5. Karin Vail

    sooo jealous! I’ve owned Subaru’s since 1989 – several of them. GREAT cars! My current is a ’96 Outback, and I’m ready for an upgrade – I want this one in BLACK! I’ll probably end up getting something early 2000’s though, we just never buy new. Enjoy your new Soobie!

  6. Linda H

    I have a 2008 Subaru Outback (named “Subie”) that I love, love, love. I think they are the absolute BEST cars on the road and, particularly because we live in Northern Michigan and enjoyed 260″ of snow last year! You will love driving it … a wonderful machine that will only break a sweat when you reach about 150,000 miles. LOVE!!

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