I never get tired of these Quick Strippies although you might because they were the easiest thing to kit up when I was preparing for the move so in addition to the two I assembled this week, I’ve got more coming.

I was going to free motion quilt this one on my sewing machine but I’ve been wanting to try some Big Stitch quilting and even packed a Tumbler quilt to try it on but I might practice on this smaller one first because the stitching is really going to show on the tumbler.


9 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Susan C

    I just stitched the binding on a quick strippie for my granddaughter’s third birthday. They are a fun way to show off cute novelty prints. Thanks for the great pattern!

  2. Billie

    The little strip quilts are quick but always so cute. Question…..have you done big stitch quilting before? It is something I want to know more about….I’m not a good hand quilter. Always enjoy your sharing. Thanks.

  3. Donna

    I would love to see some of the big stitch quilting too! I really like love your Quick Strippies, and on my ever growing list of quilts.

  4. Rose

    Your strippy quilts always make the fabric “sing!” Thanks for sharing your quilts with us.
    Your little Chesty looks so sad with his collar–I know that is necessary. He will be so happy when he doesn’t need it. We go pick up our little Yorkie from vet today. She had the lexating patella surgery on both knees on Tuesday. Not sure what to expect but will meet with the therapist who will explain what needs to be done at home. Surprising thing is there are no casts/bandages when she comes home. This apparently is a common thing with the small dogs–who knew?

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