Do you read?

I always joke to Keith that reading is as necessary as eating to me. I was looking up something in my Amazon account and decided I’d count how many books I’d read since the beginning of June and I counted 28 …. Plus I’ve listened to 3-4 audiobooks during that time (and managed a complicated three state move). Seriously, I always have my Kindle with me and not a day goes by that I don’t read some – during meals, traveling, waiting for appointments, by the pool, at night when I can’t sleep … I can squeeze in a lot of reading during my typical day.

My favorite topics are mysteries, followed by history and historical fiction, I like medical fiction, and I love books that are set in different countries or teach me about different cultures (I to travel whether via a book or car, train, or plane!)

I’ve mentioned the Overdrive app before that allows me to borrow books from the library … I usually just get my audiobooks via Overdrive because I share my library with my Mom (I gave her her Kindle and keep it on my account) but you can borrow ebooks too.

I know some of you don’t like ebooks but the day I got my first Kindle I was sold. I carry my entire library with me in a device about the size of a paperback, I never have to worry about running out of reading material, and as my eyes get tired … I just increase the size of my font and keep reading. I still buy physical books too but mostly cooking, travel, quilting, knitting and other craft books.

I’m lucky that I have leisure time to enjoy reading but even when I worked full time and was raising the boys, there were many nights I stayed up very late reading.

Don’t ever hesitate to tell me if you’re reading a great book. I always check out recommendations even though I don’t always read them.

15 thoughts on “Do you read?

  1. QuiltSue

    I love my Kindle too. It’s so much more convenient than “real” books. I really appreciate the fact that I can finish a book and instantly have another one delivered without having to go shopping or to wait for the postman.

  2. Vicki W

    I couldn’t survive without books. I think I average a little more than 1 a week and they are almost all audio books. Books help me focus on the task at hand and keeps my mind from wandering. I get a lot more quilting done when the book is good. I mostly read biographies, business “history” and mysteries. I love all of John Sandfords books.

  3. Sara

    Yep, reading is essential. Love mysteries, “good” fiction and sometimes histories. Audio books are also essential for car travel ….yep, reading is essential. BTW, I rarely use my Kindle though I do keep it charged up and ready, just in case

  4. Wilma Eichler

    I love to read too!! Have all my life. I don’t have a kindle but I have the kindle and B&N apps on my iPad so always have tons of books ready to read. I tell my kids that they never have to think about what to get me for Christmas or birthdays, an Amazon gift card to buy books is all I need, lol. A recent dilemma for me is whether to try to plug along if I start a book that doesn’t grab me right away. I’m 64 in January and time is becoming a factor regarding how many books I can get read. Don’t want to waste any time on a ho hum book.

  5. Beryl

    Oh yes I’m an avid reader, it’s my absolute necessity at bedtime, I’ll even go to bed early just to read. I’ve enjoyed hearing what you are reading and have read books on your blog based on your recommendation. Thanks for taking the time to post about books!

  6. Nancy

    I didn’t think I’d like the Kindle, but I do. It accompanies me on trips. I’ve got the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone so I can read anytime and anywhere even if I’ve forgotten my Kindle.

  7. Four dogs and one quilter

    I’m with you: could not live without reading. Don’t have a Kindle, I use an iPad/iphone for my reading. Love ebooks, so much easier than lugging around a real book, although I still do collect my favorite authors. Not an endorsement, but signed up for Kindle Unlimited. Have found some great books there, even some new quilting books. In addition, some of the books come with the audio too. Reading: love it.

  8. Penny G

    I used to be a voracious reader, but was unable to read for long periods of time because it caused my trigeminal neuralgia to flare. The physical pain was enough to cause the sense of loss of reading to seem minimal. Now I can read again, I haven’t developed the habits necessary. BTW the kindle helped immensely when the trigeminal neuralgia was uncontrolled. The lighted background and the ability to change font size allowed me some freedom to read. I now listen to about 1 audio book a week. I have read about 10 physical books all year. I don’t generally read good books, I am a fan of mysteries and I love the writing style of Dean Koontz whose books I feel are an exception to the I don’t read good book generality.

  9. Sue

    Mary…..YES…….I love my Kindle! I took the plunge buying a Kindle last December……so happy! I had a horrible experience with Nook and swore off e-readers for a while! Your book choices sound like mine….love the mysteries and history!

  10. SaraF

    Reading is totally essential for me and really always has been. I also love mysteries and thrillers read mostly on my Kindle app on my iPad anymore. I have read all of Nevada Barr except the newest, which is downloaded and ready to go. Right now I’m reading the Vince Flynn (Mitch Rapp) books that I started a couple of years ago. Had to reread the first 2 so that I was up to speed and am nearly done with #3.

    Even though my work schedule is crazy I read for a little while every day. I even read for awhile yesterday (on my iPhone) while rocking a sleeping baby. Two relaxing activities at once.

  11. voni

    i just finished reading “Light Between Oceans” by M.L. Stedman. Good reading! Set on an island west of Australia, about a childless couple who find a man’s body and a live baby who have washed ashore in a boat….. Hard to put this book down!

  12. Mary Jo

    I love my Kindle as well. Sometimes it is nice to hold a “real” book, but the Kindle is much easier to handle most of the time…Plus everything you have in your library is in your hand!

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