What I’m reading

Kathy asked what I’ve been reading and while I’ve been bad about keeping up a list … The latest ones have been

The WWI series by Anne Perry – all 5 books. The first one was a little slow but then I got into the characters.

Matthew Reavley, a British intelligence officer, and the Reavley family, in London, England, in the World War I series:

No Graves as Yet (2003)
Shoulder the Sky (2004)
Angels in the Gloom (2005)
At Some Disputed Barricade (2007)
We Shall Not Sleep (2007)

Also the latest Louse Penny and Nevada Barr books. I read both authors as soon as a new book comes out.

I also read all the books in the series by Ariana Franklin — I’ll warn you that I was disappointed when I went to look for a 5th book. She’d died so there were no more 🙁

Adelia (Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar of Salerno), a “doctor for the dead” working for King Henry II in 12th century England:
Mistress of the Art of Death (2007)
The Serpent’s Tale (2008)
Grave Goods (2009)
A Murderous Procession (2010)

I’ve mentioned the site Stop you’re Killing Me before. My friend Cecile sent me the link years ago and I love being able to see all the books in a series, in order! From the website:

Stop, You’re Killing Me! is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. We list over 4500 authors, with chronological lists of their books (over 51,000 titles), both series (5200+) and non-series. Use the alphabetical author and character links above or the special indexes in the left column. And it’s perfectly fine with us if you print our pages for your private use, especially for a trip to your local library or bookstore.

5 thoughts on “What I’m reading

  1. Edith

    Thank you for this post, I was indeed interested which books you have read this summer. 🙂 How did you like the ned Louise Penny? The reviews on Amazon are mixed, I am not sure if I should buy it? (I have read all the other Gamache-books.)

  2. Barb in MI

    And here I was to suggest Nevada Barr to you – I absolutely love her National Park books. Did you ever read Sue Henry? I liked “Murder on the Iditarod Trail” – and still have to go back to the library for more. Not quite Nevada, but pretty good nevertheless.
    Hope Chesty is doing better soon!

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