I have a plan but ….

I’m not getting a lot done today, Chesty’s not feeling well and I’ve been playing mom/nurse but I did draft a small half square triangle quilt and cut my squares. It’s going to be a small quilt and I’ll quilt it here in FL on my regular sewing machine.



If he’s feeling better later I might start sewing some tonight.

8 thoughts on “I have a plan but ….

  1. Nancy

    I recently made a baby quilt from “waste” HSTs and lived how it turned out. The fabrics you selected are wonderful. I look forward to seeing the finished top.

    Sure hope Chesty starts to feel better soon. He’s had a rough time of it lately.

  2. Mary Jo

    Love the fabric with the boots!

    Hope Chesty is better soon. It is so sad to see our babies not feeling well.

  3. Penny G

    These fabrics are beautiful and I am willing to bet the hand is amazing. The quilt will be wonderful – and if it is smaller than you want – a solid border might work. I think your strong pattern would preclude that, but I have been surprised before.

  4. Lorraine

    I made a similar quilt with 10″ squares for a graduation gift this spring. It was really quick and easy. Hope Chesty feels better soon.

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