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Why don’t I do this more?!

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It’s been about month since I’ve sat outside by the pool and read here at home (we did spend a day by the pool at the Ritz in GA). I’m not sure why I don’t get out here more but after getting some work done and straightening up I decided today was the perfect opportunity.

(You probably won’t ever see a bathing suit photo of me but I don’t mind showing my toes!)


I’m reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. How about you?!

Ready to bind

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In addition to pin basting this small tumbler from the Maine sew-in, I trimmed and got the binding on the HeartStrings top I quilted yesterday. It’s all ready for hand stitching and with Keith coming home today, the sewing stuff has all been cleared from the living room.


The tumbler top was pieced by Barb from tumblers cut and brought to the sew in by Brenda, Jackie, and Rebecca. They’ve got me anxious to get to GA and cut some to bring back here.


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Chesty and I had a quiet evening and I sat and bound this small HeartStrings top — SaraF recognized it as one she sent me to finish and donate. I’m glad she let me know, I was feeling bad about not remembering!!


Is it crazy that I’m having fun quilting these on my regular sewing machine?! I have no desire to try a larger top but these small ones are fun and even though slooow seems to be in right now, I admit I’m motivated by finishes. Finished tops, finished quilts.

Patting myself on the back for another finish and thanking Stephanie for egging me on!

A long night

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Chesty scratched open a small growth late last night so we had a restless night and then a visit to the vet today. It wouldn’t stop oozing blood and the vet felt he’d continue to scratch at it so they removed the growth and stitched him up. He’ll be in the cone while it’s healing and he’s pretty needy today so I’m not sure how much he’ll let me get done. Maybe I can get the binding on the small HeartStrings quilt in a bit and sit with him while I stitch it down.


The good news is that she also did a needle aspirate on a small lump near his knee … I just found it a couple days ago and I was afraid it was going to be cancerous like the one removed in December but it was just a fatty cyst.


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Using my walking foot I quilted on both sides of the block seams and on either side of the center string. This one was much easier than the last one when I quilted those center seams in the ditch.

I’m afraid I can’t remember if this was a top I brought home from the WI/MN sew in or one someone sent me. Usually I pin a label to them but since I use straight pins I’d removed the labels before the move …. And I have so many come in and out, I just can’t remember them all. So so sorry!


Machine tension

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You may get away without adjusting tension when piecing but to get a balanced stitch for quilting, I usually find some tension adjustments are necessary. Since I frequently adjust tension on my longarm, adjusting tension for quilting on my sewing machine wasn’t difficult for me but if you don’t usually make adjustments on your machine, this instruction PDF from Superior Thread might help.


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I always caution people to be careful when sewing the Strippies together when using directional prints. For some reason I had in my mind that these animals were oriented in all directions and didn’t pay attention. I was lucky I only had to pick out and resew 2 seams to fix the three rows that were upside down!

Bree’s Strippie – I’ll take it to GA to quilt and bind and give it to her when I’m there next month.


Instructions are on my website

Getting organized

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I have a couple weeks before I head to GA so I’m getting organized. Unpacking sewing stuff from Maine and packing for Georgia. I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve accomplished in the couple months I’ve been here in spite of traveling 3 times. There are a couple finished quilts, 3 tops (a 4th sent to Kathy in WI to finish and donate), and a small knit blanket.

Since Keith is gone for a few days I’m spreading out. I’ll cut out a couple Strippies using the kitchen island (one is for Bree, one for donation).


And I’ve set up the tying table in the living area so I can pin baste a couple small HeartStrings quilts for machine quilting on my sewing machine.


My sewing goals will be to piece the two Strippies and quilt and bind the two tops before I leave for GA. If I have time, I’ll start a new quilt too!


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Do you see quilt patterns everywhere?!

I saw this design on the bulkhead of the plane and then again in the Delta Sky Club …. Thanks to my TouchDraw app, I’ve saved it for a future quilt. I love quarter square triangles or hourglass blocks … So one day I’m sure I’ll make this….and I even have a GO die for it.