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What I’m reading

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I always hesitate to recommend books because people like different things so a book that I love, you might hate however, I do like to share what I’m reading and hear what you’re currently reading. The last three books I finished were all great in my opinion and all different.


The Forgotten Garden was one I had on my wish list but hadn’t decided whether to read it or not until someone mentioned it in a comment.

Prague Winter caught my eye as we’re planning a trip to Vienna, Germany, and Prague next summer. I really, really enjoyed listening to that one. Almost all my audiobooks are history or biography … Don’t ask me why but I find those easiest to listen to. Maybe because there is no need in them for the readers to inject different voices or “emotion” into the reading neither of which are done well by most readers?! Give me a straightforward reading of a book and let me learn something along the way!

I added a link to my GoodReads shelf ( see link list on the right). I’ve tried lots of different methods of tracking and sharing what I’m reading but at some point they all seem to become a pain to keep current. GoodReads has a link both in my audiobook player OverDrive and on my Kindle that allows me to add a book to my shelf right after reading it so I’m hoping I’ll keep up with it.

So what are you reading??

A quick Drunkard’s Path quilt

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I love how my small green and purple Drunkard’s Path quilt turned out so while I was cutting in GA, I decided to take some fabric from a kit that I wasn’t ever going to piece and cut it with the DP die. The fabrics were reds and greens and I think the original quilt in the kit had appliqu├ęd ladybugs but at some point the instructions got separated from the fabric. After cutting all the reds and greens and setting them aside to piece in FL, I got the bright idea that I could create ladybugs with the DP blocks so the next day I pulled and cut some black fabric. I’m not sure what my final layout will be but this is close to what I’m aiming for.


A lack of willpower

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There’s something about getting a bargain that saps my will to resist buying fabric. There was a time that I was piecing a lot of backs to use up stash but somewhere along the way I discovered Connecting Threads clearance tab and started watching for $3 a yard fabric. Since most of my donation quilts can be backed with 4 yards or less ( leaving a little for scrap quilts) that’s just $12 in most cases. I can’t resist. There was a purple HeartStrings quilt that I couldn’t find a backing for while I was in GA and I saw two clearance fabrics that would probably work … and ordered both of them along with a few others … After all, I wouldn’t want to have to pay postage!


Not long now before I can begin piecing something new … Wonder what it will be? A Heartstrings top for our November project? A tumbler quilt? Maybe one of the 3 Drunkards Path quilts cut out in GA? One more day here before we head home.

Just in case you wondered

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I wouldn’t dream of leaving Chesty cooped up alone in the hotel all day … There’s a very nice area for walks and we’ve planned to sleep late (Chesty and I) while we’re here. He’ll nap when I get a massage later today or spend time out by the pool. Keith has business dinners out so I’ll be in the room in the evenings and this morning, I’m listening to my audiobook and crocheting while we spend quiet time together.


Yep, he’s up on the bed but the hotel uses sheets on the top and bottom of the comforters that are laundered after each guest. We don’t often take him with us to hotels unless we’re traveling and need to stop for the night but he does well and as I mentioned he’s happy to have down time after the activity of the weeks in GA.