Just in case you wondered

I wouldn’t dream of leaving Chesty cooped up alone in the hotel all day … There’s a very nice area for walks and we’ve planned to sleep late (Chesty and I) while we’re here. He’ll nap when I get a massage later today or spend time out by the pool. Keith has business dinners out so I’ll be in the room in the evenings and this morning, I’m listening to my audiobook and crocheting while we spend quiet time together.


Yep, he’s up on the bed but the hotel uses sheets on the top and bottom of the comforters that are laundered after each guest. We don’t often take him with us to hotels unless we’re traveling and need to stop for the night but he does well and as I mentioned he’s happy to have down time after the activity of the weeks in GA.

5 thoughts on “Just in case you wondered

  1. Denise in PA

    Never thought for a minute you’d leave him alone all day! Too bad he can’t lounge by the pool, but they’d probably frown on that. And, of course, he should be in the bed…I know my Lilly wouldn’t sleep anywhere else – LOL. He looks so cute there! Nice you have him there for company while Keith works. I think it sounds just great! o:)

  2. Penny G

    Please he is not mistreated and I know he enjoys every minute he spends with you; People who are tallying the time you spend with Chesty have way to much time on their hands. The picture tells me he is happy and catching up on his relaxing too.

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