A lack of willpower

There’s something about getting a bargain that saps my will to resist buying fabric. There was a time that I was piecing a lot of backs to use up stash but somewhere along the way I discovered Connecting Threads clearance tab and started watching for $3 a yard fabric. Since most of my donation quilts can be backed with 4 yards or less ( leaving a little for scrap quilts) that’s just $12 in most cases. I can’t resist. There was a purple HeartStrings quilt that I couldn’t find a backing for while I was in GA and I saw two clearance fabrics that would probably work … and ordered both of them along with a few others … After all, I wouldn’t want to have to pay postage!


Not long now before I can begin piecing something new … Wonder what it will be? A Heartstrings top for our November project? A tumbler quilt? Maybe one of the 3 Drunkards Path quilts cut out in GA? One more day here before we head home.

6 thoughts on “A lack of willpower

  1. Dianne

    Thanks for the tip to check out Connecting Threads’ clearance fabrics. Definitely great prices for backs!

  2. Florence

    I LOVE Connecting Threads! In fact, I’m expecting an order on Friday. Even with Free Shipping, they always send my orders right out. Living where it gets really cold, I back most of my family quilts with their flannel — it’s the best!

  3. QuiltSue

    I just wish they would ship to the UK. I also wish that JoAnn would open a few stores here too, but I don’t think either of these things are going to happen!

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