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I always hesitate to recommend books because people like different things so a book that I love, you might hate however, I do like to share what I’m reading and hear what you’re currently reading. The last three books I finished were all great in my opinion and all different.


The Forgotten Garden was one I had on my wish list but hadn’t decided whether to read it or not until someone mentioned it in a comment.

Prague Winter caught my eye as we’re planning a trip to Vienna, Germany, and Prague next summer. I really, really enjoyed listening to that one. Almost all my audiobooks are history or biography … Don’t ask me why but I find those easiest to listen to. Maybe because there is no need in them for the readers to inject different voices or “emotion” into the reading neither of which are done well by most readers?! Give me a straightforward reading of a book and let me learn something along the way!

I added a link to my GoodReads shelf ( see link list on the right). I’ve tried lots of different methods of tracking and sharing what I’m reading but at some point they all seem to become a pain to keep current. GoodReads has a link both in my audiobook player OverDrive and on my Kindle that allows me to add a book to my shelf right after reading it so I’m hoping I’ll keep up with it.

So what are you reading??

11 thoughts on “What I’m reading

  1. Vicki W

    I also like biographies a lot. I just finished Mellon (about Andrew Mellon) and it was fascinating! I’d like to know more about Prague Winter.

  2. Denise in PA

    Mary, I really appreciate book reviews. Most of the fantastic books I’ve read in the past couple of years are from reviews from quilt podcasters/bloggers (and the books have nothing to do with quilting o:) )
    I can look at a synopsis on Amazon and generally can figure out if I’ll like it or not. Of course, we all can’t like the same thing, but I wouldn’t have known about a lot of the great books I’ve found if it weren’t for reviews like yours. So, thanks!!

  3. MarilynS

    Mollie – I used to follow your bookshelf in years passed as we like the same types of books. I just bought a Kindle for our upcoming trip and cruise and have downloaded 2 free books from our library. So glad to see this updated list as I want to buy a couple I have not read. Thanks and good luck on your upcoming marathon!

  4. Dianne

    I really enjoyed The Forgotten Garden. I just finished reading The 13th Gift by Joanne Huist Smith. Easy read and enjoyable story.

  5. Sara

    Nice list! Thanks for the recommends. As someone else noted, I too appreciate the book recommendations. I have been reading short stories lately…..new collections by both CJ Box and Craig Johnson, both of whom are western writers with characters set in Wyoming. And just finished the latest Louise Penny, “The Long Way Home.” Outstanding but ya must read her books in order so begin with Still Life

  6. Peggy

    Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson is a great book. Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

  7. Linda H

    Your book recommendations are “right on” with my taste in books. I am able to reserve them at my local public library and have added your recent recommendations to my list. I am a READER as opposed to an audio book person … I just feel distracted with it playing in the background while I try and quilt … so I actually read before I head to bed at night … sort of a wind down period. Wish I was going to Vienna, Germany and Prague … I’m trying to talk my husband into a trip to the Scandinavian countries … I think he’s listening because of his Danish/German background … my approach will be … well, while we’re all the way over here why not go to … {{fill in the blanks}}. LOL We’ll see how well that goes over 😉 Thanks again for the book recommendations.

  8. Jane

    Malla Nunn’s A Beautiful Place to Die. About 1950 apartheid South Africa, murder in a small town

    Shin Kyung-sook’s Please Look After Mom. About a mother gone missing in South Korea

    These both opened my eyes just a bit. I listened to them both.

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