Back home?!

I’m not sure it feels like home yet but we’re back at the apartment.


7 thoughts on “Back home?!

  1. Lauren

    Ahhhh poor Chesty. No wonder it doesn’t feel like home yet. MOM – Take this cone off. It is hard to snuggle down on the quilt with it on!

  2. katieQ

    I’ve never seen a cone that color. I’m sorry Chesty is stuck wearing it, but at least he’s stylin’ it.

  3. Grace

    Your quilt is beautiful, but it takes second place when compared to Chesty. That is one gorgeous fluff ball – just looking at his adorable face makes me smile.

  4. Linda H

    I am SO in love with Chesty … seriously! He gets more handsome every time I see him … even with the “cone of shame” … beautiful quilt. It will feel like “home” soon.

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