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Feeling better

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Yesterday was a lost day … I spent all day in bed or on the sofa and didn’t make it to the sewing room at all. Today I woke up feeling better and started a second set of HeartStrings blocks for our November project – Black/White & Brights.


I was going to try a zigzag setting but didn’t really like it so I defaulted to my usual HS setting above.


I’m going to make this a small 24 block quilt so I can quilt it here on my regular sewing machine. 12 blocks done, 12 to go.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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My plans for today — Sew-cook-sew-eat-sew. We’re having a HeartStrings sew along this holiday weekend and I plan to get the rest of the blocks for my Sharon Quilt done today. I promise I won’t post another photo until the top has been assembled but this is where I was at the beginning of the day. I’ve almost finished 16 more blocks so another hour or so will finish these blocks up (I need 48 for the quilt).


Keith doesn’t like this scarf with the coat but it’s the only one I have here and the scarf will just be peaking out so I think it will be fine. (The coat looks unflattering on the hanger but it’s really nicely fitted and warm – to minus 15 according to LLBean and it folds up small to go in my suitcase which is nice).


The pattern for the shawl/scarf is here. It was a quick easy knit and I enjoyed it. I don’t know if it shows in the photo but I love the little ruffled edge.

It’s just a cold

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Not sure why I feel so bad today. Keith gave me his cold but my level of fatigue seems excessive for a simple cold … I did manage a couple hours in the sewing room and I finished knitting my green shawl/scarf ( she calls it a shawl but it’s more of a scarf size in my opinion which is fine because that’s what I wanted). I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep as I have an agenda of walking, cooking, and piecing tomorrow.

And the results are …

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Sharon in ME has a real talent for putting fabric together for her HeartStrings quilts and it’s been fun to try my hand at it. So after laying out the strips yesterday and making my final fabric choices and placement, this is what my blocks are looking like …. I like them – do you?

You can see that when arranging the blocks there’s a “block A” and a “block B” that emerge

If you’d like to try your hand at making a Sharon quilt – we’re following these guidelines

8 fabrics – I yard each ( not all of each fabric will be used)

All strips cut 2 inches

Corner triangles same fabric on both sides of the block from 4.5 inch squares cut on the diagonal.

This is a planned quilt with the strips in the same place for each block.

Back to work

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We arrived home around 12 noon and I started right in on the cutting for my Sharon Challenge quilt for HeartStrings. I’d mentioned it when I was in GA pulling fabric to bring back that rather than strings and leftover strips that this would be a planned version. I brought back 11 fabrics but just need 8 of them — I wanted a little wiggle room. After playing with placement, this is what I came up with.


The gold in the center was going to be the corner fabric for the block only I didn’t have enough of it so there’s been a substitution. I did get 8 blocks pieced but it was too dark for a good photo so I’ll snap one tomorrow.

This evening I knit while watching the news – I can’t say I was surprised when the protests in Ferguson turned violent but am disgusted with those that took advantage of these events to create mayhem.

On the plus side, my hands weren’t idle and my shawl is now ready for the ruffle. I like that this pattern has me start the ruffle at a certain weight rather than having to count stitches!


In other news, I was unable to resist the Wollmeise yarn posted at the Loopy Ewe. Three more skeins are heading my way.


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The last set of finished blocks is now assembled. Child size as it is, it will not get borders and I might even choose this one as my next one for big stitch quilting. If not, it’s small enough that I could quilt it on my regular sewing machine.


We’re heading to Marco Island for a few days and Keith’s nephew will come stay at the apartment to watch Chesty. We’ve been lucky that he’s been available and that Chesty has only had to go to the kennel once since June. Of course that meant that one of my tasks for today was to clear off the bed in the sewing room and neaten up everything else in the room for him to stay. Laundry is in progress, packing is next and then a walk is on the agenda for the rest of the day along with some more big stitch quilting tonight.