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Getting ready

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Sewing table closed up and in the corner of the room, everything else shoved in the closet…


Chesty kept getting in the way as I vacuumed, set up and made the beds for Chris and Becky and finally he jumped up on the trundle bed. His vomiting is under control now but his allergies are acting up requiring the cone again …. If it’s not one thing with him, it’s another!


We made an offer on a bungalow in Hyde Park in Tampa but weren’t able to agree on a price so I’m a little disappointed but we’ll keep looking.

Time flies

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I have no idea where this day went … Some errands, some phone calls, a little sewing and now I’m going to knit a little while.

I’ve wanted to start something new for a couple weeks but have stayed on task with items I wanted to finish up before the end of the year, I have one more binding to hand stitch and my list will be complete but since I’ll have to pack up my sewing table tomorrow for my son’s visit, I decided I’d bind tomorrow and sew something today. Nothing too involved, just some half square triangles for another baby quilt in Pink and Purple.



House Hunting

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Our time in the Ft Lauderdale area is temporary and we’ve talked on and off about purchasing another property since we’ve sold our townhouse in MN. This weekend we scheduled some house hunting in the Tampa area and viewed 7 homes/town homes today. There’s a small bungalow I love but Keith isn’t happy with the street and another townhouse that would work well too but neither are just what he’s looking for yet so we’ll continue the hunt (although I haven’t given up completely on either one).

After, we sat by the hotel pool and watched the sunset and then went down to the village and had dinner outside. Kind of enjoying the December weather 🙂



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When we got home from taking Keith’s Mom back, I pulled out my binding and finished stitching down this one pieced by Sharon. After the first of the year, I’ll get this one and the other bound ones washed and ready to donate.


And here’s a photo of my boys Christmas morning! Poor Chesty threw up half the day but seems better now.


Merry Christmas!

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You might think I was too busy getting ready for Christmas to post the last couple days but our holiday this year is quiet and peaceful. As I went for a massage yesterday and saw everyone running around doing last minute shopping, I was once again struck by how our decision to not give gifts many years ago has been such a gift to me (we make charitable donations instead of exchanging gifts).

We have a quiet morning planned, a little prep for dinner and then we’ll spend the late afternoon and evening with Keith’s Mom.

Missing the boys and their families but we’ll see Chris next week and I spoke to Adam yesterday.

I’ve been binding so those last two quilts will definitely be finished by the end of the year.

Hope your day is filled with family and fun – Merry Christmas!

I’m not a social person but…

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It just so happened that that there was a holiday party this week here in MN and we attended. It was very, VERY nice and I enjoyed myself. We were gifted with a holiday ornament too – Waterford crystal which the Irish in me loves.


We have a number of ornaments over the years that represent the companies Keith has worked for … But none for me – interesting how that has happened.