Merry Christmas!

You might think I was too busy getting ready for Christmas to post the last couple days but our holiday this year is quiet and peaceful. As I went for a massage yesterday and saw everyone running around doing last minute shopping, I was once again struck by how our decision to not give gifts many years ago has been such a gift to me (we make charitable donations instead of exchanging gifts).

We have a quiet morning planned, a little prep for dinner and then we’ll spend the late afternoon and evening with Keith’s Mom.

Missing the boys and their families but we’ll see Chris next week and I spoke to Adam yesterday.

I’ve been binding so those last two quilts will definitely be finished by the end of the year.

Hope your day is filled with family and fun – Merry Christmas!

15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Angie

    Have a great Christmas and New Years! Good for you, no Christmas shopping. I feel our grandkids and even our own kids still need our “charitable” donations, so we haven’t gone to no gifting. Some are in need of simple items like gas cards, or grocery gift cards. Others like the new great grand baby need clothes and diapers.
    I’m certainly in need of a massage! But, no time for that! Bill and I gifted ourselves with a new Kuerig coffee maker, so maybe some hot coffee will hit the spot right about now! Have a wonderful day!

  2. julierose

    Merry Peaceful Christmas; we visited with my two children and our 6 grandchildren and 2 doggies (;-000] yesterday and are spending a quiet day after visiting Mom in the Nursing home. Altho we do enjoy the get togethers, we are quite tired out by all the hullabaloo…I received two neat quilting books to read, some fabric and a silver bangle bracelet and a NEW (old type) iron…with no auto shut off and a lot of steam holes–all in all a wonderful holiday –and tonight we get to dog sit for ‘Kota…hugs, Julierose

  3. SaraF

    Enjoy your peaceful Christmas. We are having a similar quiet holiday. Our older daughter’s family was going to come today and stay a couple of days. But she and 2 of the kids have influenza. So we’re hoping they are well enough to visit for New Years. We’ll see the younger daughter’s family this weekend when we visit them. We did Facetime this morning to watch Sophia open some Santa gifts. Thank goodness for technology.

  4. Linda H

    We went to the “no gifting” concept a few years ago and all sides of the family are relieved. No grandchildren in the family (yet) and nieces and nephews are all mid-20’s and working so the stress of having to have something under the tree is gone. We gather for a nice dinner, play games/cards and watch old Christmas movies with naps interspersed. Makes for a STRESS FREE season! Highly recommend it if you haven’t moved in that direction yet! Donation made to local rescue/shelter in name of family. Would love to have a massage and might put that on my list as my “private” New Year’s celebration … would be a good tradition to start! Hope your travels were safe and you enjoyed the afternoon with your MIL and Keith. Merry Christmas! Linda

  5. Swooze

    Merry Christmas. I am trying to move to no gifts but everyone resists. I just make sure I know what is wanted and hopefully make good choices,

    I received a pandora bracelet this year. Two charms to start but I am sure it won’t take long to fill it up! I know you have one too. Maybe you could share an updated pic of it. Here or privately.

    My best to you and your family.

  6. girl in the stix

    Merry Christmas! We dropped out of the Christmas rat race a long time ago–we still gift, but mostly things like homemade jam, homemade pjs, and small, but meaningful presents. BTW–your blog is a gift- and thank you!

  7. Penny G

    I do gifts to my children and their families – gave up the rest 20 years ago. I give to the kids and grandkids all year long and they have to tell me what they want or need. I refuse to run around trying to pick. The only real shopping I do is angel tree. That is over the week after Thanksgiving and not on black Friday weekend.

  8. Sherrill

    I really don’t do much gift giving. Just a little something for my boys, DGD and two rugrat nephews. Let them get what they want. I’m just always so glad when Christmas is over as I really don’t enjoy all the hub-bub.

  9. Louise Mantel

    We opted out of the commercial Christmas bash many years ago when our children were still young (single digits). Instead we all together made a gift to a the Luke Society. At some time during the year each child received a special gift, unasked for and unexpected. I took the child out for the evening. We had dinner together in a restaurant, and then they got to pick what present they would like to have that year. It made for a memorable evening for both the child and myself, and at Christmas we were able to concentrate on the real meaning of celebrating Christ’s birth, God’s great gift to us.

  10. Dianne

    I told my adult children a few years ago that we had everything we needed, but pictures were always a good gift. And that shipping was getting so expensive that from now on they were all getting money or gift cards. It’s so much less stressful and I know they appreciate it. ($15 to ship a package means I could give them $15 more!). Happy New Year!

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