Getting ready

Sewing table closed up and in the corner of the room, everything else shoved in the closet…


Chesty kept getting in the way as I vacuumed, set up and made the beds for Chris and Becky and finally he jumped up on the trundle bed. His vomiting is under control now but his allergies are acting up requiring the cone again …. If it’s not one thing with him, it’s another!


We made an offer on a bungalow in Hyde Park in Tampa but weren’t able to agree on a price so I’m a little disappointed but we’ll keep looking.

6 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. Penny G

    Like the area you chose it has that fun within walking distance shopping/dining area. All I can say is the house for you is still out there and like you said there is time..

  2. Denise in PA

    Poor Chesty! Hoping he feels better in 2015! Sorry about the house, but I’m sure a better one will come along. Are you planning on staying in the FL area long term now or is this just to have more space while you’re there? (As if it’s any of my business – LOL) I wish you, Keith and the family the very best in the New Year!

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