I finished all the Rail Fence blocks today but I’ll wait to show a photo until I have the top assembled. While I was sewing today I turned around and Chesty was INSIDE the duffle I use to carry things back and forth to GA. I guess he wants to make sure I take him with me when I go.


13 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. Linda H

    OMGosh … he is soooo adorable!! My little girl used to “sense” when I was leaving … perhaps it’s the suitcase coming out, the motion around the house … whatever … she would be like GLUE to me and never let me out of her sight … miss her dearly. Chesty is a sweetie!

  2. Sherrill

    Poor little Chesty boy–he’s tired of getting left behind. Every time I get the suitcase out, Mr. Fang (my feline friend) loves to jump in and curl up. Think he’s knows what the suitcase means like Chesty does!

  3. Penny G

    Pets climb in suitcases. My cat, Brie, actually tries to keep my husband from packing by roosting on top of his suitcase as soon as he pulls it out. If he can’t open the suitcase she won’t have to go with us or be left at home.

  4. Mary

    My little Cottontop, a Maltese, used to travel with us all the time, but he’s too cranky to be in public–snapping and snarling at other people. It’s been a couple of years; still, he gets excited the moment the suitcase comes out. Then he refuses to eat while we’re gone. I have a feeling Mr. Chesty does know what’s happening. Don’t you wish they could talk?

  5. Lauren

    Well I can’t say as I blame Chesty. After all, Mom & Dad and been packing up often this year and going on trips! He just wants to be prepared! So cute.

  6. Carmel

    Too cute! Love those big appealing eyes! Mum, Mum …(he just adopted an Aussie accent!)..don’t forget meee!

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