Do you use your leftovers? While I had the fabric out for the HSTeria quilt, I cut some 2.5 inch strips from the leftover fabric and kitted them up for later. A simple 5 rail fence is the result. Quick and easy and better than the fabric going back in stash. It will be donated when it’s eventually finished (don’t hold your breath! My tops tend to age a bit on the shelf before being quilted).


7 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. julierose

    Those blues and browns look great together…I love rail fence–just so easy and rewarding to sew…hugs, Julierose (from now what is SNOW COUNTRY–ugh!!)

  2. NancyB in AZ

    This looks very nice. I love your tip to cut up leftovers from one project to be kitted for another.

  3. Nancy

    I try to use as many of my scraps (leftovers) that I can, but they multiply pretty quickly. I need to do some scrap busting SOON.

  4. Ronda

    Your quilts are always so inspirational! I can’t toss out even the smallest scraps. Right now I am working on two different quilts using 2″ unfinished squares because my scrap bins which are sorted by color won’t close any more. The pieces that I can’t get a 2″ square out of are being cut into 1 1/2″ strips to be used in a string quilt next. They are NOT going back in the scrap drawers! Ha!

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