When I first started quilting in 2000 I didn’t have a lot of money to spend and did at least 80% of my fabric shopping at Joann’s. As the years passed, I shopped more at quilt shops and online fabric stores, still keeping my eye out for discounted fabric – after all my passion was for scrap quilts and variety was my most important consideration rather than having the newest or most popular fabrics. I’d go into a quilt shop and head straight to the discount shelves and buy the fabric everyone else had shunned at 50% off.

Separated from the bulk of my stash and with a Joann’s just a little over a mile away, I’ve been shopping there for backings for the small tops I’ve been quilting here in FL. Over the years the fabric quality and choice has improved along with an increase in price but with coupons and frequent sales, you can still find good deals.

I layered two small quilts last night and found really cute, good quality fabric there to back them.



If you haven’t checked them out lately you might want to … Just allow plenty of time as the store here as well as the ones near Mom seem to be chronically short staffed and there’s always a wait to have fabric cut and to check out.

8 thoughts on “Joann’s

  1. grace thorne

    i have 2 joanns fairly close to me…within 15 miles…and they too are short staffed…they must be doing something wrong to have such a continual turnover….

  2. Florence

    Love your backings. I have a wonderful, well-staffed Joanns about 45 minutes away (Riverdale, NJ). The staff is always friendly and very helpful and lines move quickly. Recently, the cashier made a huge mistake on my order and had to call the manager. Poor girl was so apologetic to the manager, who told her NOT to be upset — we ALL make mistakes. The manager ran my order again, while she tried to make the cashier laugh. No wonder the staff is so happy — their manager is awesome!

  3. Sherrill

    I LOVE the monkeys and the owls are cute, too. I go into Joann’s all the time and make a beeline to the flannel. I have 14 baby rag quilts cut and ready to sew. Just need to put the walking foot on and put the pedal to the medal! But you are so right, pretty much 90% of the time there’s a wait at the cutting table.

  4. Penny G

    I use Joann’s a lot, but won’t buy from them unless I can actually touch the fabric. My husband bought a quilt kit on clearance for me. The fabric was tissue paper. As always with fabric – it has to be at least a certain quality to make a quilt because it wastes my time and money otherwise.

  5. Angie

    Those backing fabrics are so cute! When shopping JoAnn’s fabrics, I need to feel and look closely at the fabric. I’ve found some really nice fabrics there. I really like their printed baby flannel for baby quilt backing and you do have to account for shrinkage. The only thing I’ve noticed is that over the years from when I made a Triple Irish Chain quilt for our bed, is that now, years later and multiple washings, I can see that all the JoAnn fabrics that are mixed in with some of the good quality brand name fabrics in the quilt blocks have faded —a lot. So, the dyes used in JoAnn’s fabrics must not be of as high quality as name brand quilt shop fabrics. But, the weave and wear of the fabrics is about the same.

  6. Megan

    I’ve always figured that keeping staff numbers at a minimum, and thereby expecting customers to be prepared to wait in line, is one way that JoAnne’s keeps their prices low. So, it’s a trade-off, isn’t it? Got more time than money – go to JoAnne’s.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Norma Long

    Last trip to Joann’s meant dealing with a very rude, hateful lady who was working the cutting table. I wanted 8 yards, she said the bolt had 8 yards because it was a new bolt. I asked her to please measure it anyway. She shot me a dirty look and let out a huge sigh, then told me to please put my number from the machine in the trash and not throw it on floor. (I was just holding it in my hand). I am sorry but the way they run their business is awful. I was there to spend money but was treated like I was a real bother. If there was another place in our area to buy mid priced fabric and craft supplies, even coupons would not convince me to shop at Joann’s. But, it is all we have. I have read the understaffing plus giving each employee many responsiblities is the store policy. It is a sad place that should be a happy one, considering their merchandise!

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