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I didn’t sew today but I did get a final photo of this little quilt. It’s the one I big stitch quilted and I needed to wash out the blue pen I used to mark the quilting lines that went through the center of the blocks. It was just a small quilt but I really enjoyed this one!


Watermarking photos

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I hate it when I come across one of my quilts and it’s not watermarked. I try to remember to watermark all of them before uploading but sometimes I come across older photos that I posted before I started watermarking. I really need to finish going through my website and pulling any that aren’t marked. I was searching for two color quilts today and this one of mine popped up in the search – posted by someone else on a quilting board.


Watermarking photos of your quilts not only gives you credit if someone reposts it but it reminds people where they found their inspiration if they save the photo. I use an app called Impression to watermark photos when I’m on the iPad and Picasa on the laptop.

The problem with multitasking

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Working on a little of this and a little of that makes for slow progress but I did manage to get the 16 patch top assembled.


I head to GA in two weeks so I needed to start sorting what goes and what stays. Why is it that organization in my sewing room is a never ending task?! As you can see, I have piles everywhere – and the fact that you can see is due to my finally buying a light for my sewing room so now I can work at night and actually see something beyond the sewing table. I haven’t even managed to remake the bed in there after Chris and Becky’s visit. I will get to that once I pack up everything going to GA.


I sorted through the finished tops – 4 small ones will stay here for quilting and 6 will go to GA. I might eventually decide to big stitch one or two of the ones going to GA but I have more than enough to keep myself busy for the next 6+ months and I expect to visit at least 4 times this year.

I sorted through the finished quilts and started washing them – again some will go to GA for donation and some will be mailed from here so there are two stacks.

There are 4 afghans to go to GA for donation – 3 need ends woven in before I go so that goes on the to do list.

While I told myself I wasn’t going to establish another fabric stash here in FL I haven’t stopped ordering fabric online so that’s sorted through – the larger 4-5 yard pieces go to GA for quilt backs and I’ll keep the rest here for now.


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Making a doll quilt from scraps left over from the 16 Patch sounds like a good idea but probably only going to happen if I pieced it while everything was sitting out … I knew if I put it away to do later, later would never come so I assembled the little top today.


The 16 patch blocks are all made and next I need to get that top assembled.

Big Dreams

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Do you follow VickiW’s blog? If not I suggest you take a look. She’s such a creative person – quilting, dyeing fabric, making glass among other crafty pursuits. Last year I participated in her half square triangle and drunkard path sew alongs – lagging behind the group but still inspired to follow along and I still have two more drunkard path quilts cut out that hopefully will be assembled this year. Her current project is what she calls her Big Dream project. As she was talking about this over the last couple months or so I didn’t think I would follow along – at first nothing really came to me – no project that I’d wanted to do but didn’t for some reason but after reading her post last night I thought about it a bit and I do have a project I’ve been thinking about – hand quilting a basket top my Mom pieced for me. I had it in the back of my mind that I might big stitch quilt it before I’d even tried big stitch quilting. Now that I have a small quilt done and the urge to do more I think I will make this my project.

In her post Vicki suggests we identify the reasons we haven’t moved ahead with the project we’ve been dreaming of. For me, although I had read and saved multiple articles on big stitch quilting, I hadn’t actually tried it … Now I have and know I enjoy it.

Another obstacle was making time for hand quilting when I always had so many tops ( mine and donation tops pieced by others) always waiting for quilting. Now the longarm lives in GA and I have plenty time away from it to do hand quilting without feeling guilty about not quilting faster.

I don’t have an area large enough to lay it out and baste the top but I can use the longarm table. I’ve tried to baste quilts before on the longarm and didn’t feel like they were well basted but I can always pin it to the leaders and thread or pin baste it.

Finally, I’m not sure what motifs to use. This will require some research on my part to find a motif that will work in alternate squares and in the setting triangles. I will outline quilt the baskets.

Here’s to big stitch quilting this top in 2015 – wish me luck!


Just like Jay?

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My HeartStrings friend Jay pieces blocks and quilts from trimmed bits and pieces and I was thinking of him today as I gathered up the leftover trimmings from my 16 patch blocks (the last 12 blocks are cut and ready to sew). I laid them out on the cutting mat and wondered if I could assemble them into a small quilt.


Rae could use one for her doll. I gave her the small red blanket I’d knit while she was here but she loves her quilts and blankets and I’m sure she could use another one. Wrapping the baby up is quite a production!


Making time for the beach

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We’re living about 20 minutes from the beach but we hadn’t spent any time actually on the beach until a couple weeks ago when we took Rae. We headed down today for a couple hours later in the day and I carried my Kindle with me (I don’t go anywhere without something to read!). It was breezy and a little cooler as the sun went down but I draped the towel across my shoulders and was perfectly comfortable. Hard to believe it’s January!


Fat Quarter Friendly

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I love Fat Quarters and if they’re on sale, I just can’t resist buying them. Using them can be more of a challenge. Sometimes I mix them in with stash for a more scrappy quilt but sometimes you just want to grab a bundle and sew – like I did today.

I’ve had a 16 patch quilt on my list for a while and I had every intention of using 2.5 inch strips for it but I came across this fat quarter version a few months ago and it was just what I wanted to sew today. She calls the pattern St Louis 16 Patch and she’s done all the math for you for different size quilts using different numbers of fat quarters.

I think I’m making the 56×70 version using 20 fat quarters but I have enough for the next size so we’ll see. After pairing my first two fabrics together and making two sets of two blocks, I decided I will mix my fabrics up a little more so my quilt will be a little scrappier.


I’ve got 8 blocks made and 6 cut and ready to sew. This one goes fast.

If you’re looking for other fat quarter friendly quilts, check my website for these.

Framed 9 Patches

I combined two different sets of fat quarters for this Happy Block quilt. Instructions for making Happy Blocks are here.