Breezy and overcast

The weather isn’t ideal for the beach or pool but we’re enjoying our last couple days. Yesterday, we moved to a hotel on the ocean and have a large wrap around balcony.


This morning I’m knitting waiting to see if the sun will come out and stay … If it does, we’ll head down to the beach.


If not, we’ll stay up here and enjoy the view and the sound of the ocean.

8 thoughts on “Breezy and overcast

  1. julierose

    Mary, Mary, Mary–how I would love to be on that deck too–knitting away. I have begun a little shawlette for myself this week and am so enjoying being able to knit–if only slowly and a bit at a time–after my long hiatus. Enjoy your last couple days–hugs, Julierose–P.S. Send some of that warmth up here please….;–)))

  2. tirane93

    i know this isn’t the point of your post, but i love the wavy splice in your one picture. i do a lot of scrapbooking and it’s a cool technique that i plan to use!

  3. Elaine

    That looks like a really good place to enjoy each other’s company, even though you’re doing different things. My Sweeting and I do the same thing.

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