Entertaining myself

I always travel with my “activity bag” … Knitting, Kindle, iPad … It’s easy to entertain myself. 

The problem with working on multiple projects is that measurable progress is so slow! I’d been working on the purple lace scarf before they canceled my flight … The short rows make it easy to pick up and put down. Last night I knit on the Cameo shawl and this afternoon, with the canceled flight, I pulled out my Brickless shawl. The rows are longer and it takes a little more concentration than the other two projects but I’ve got time now!

4 thoughts on “Entertaining myself

  1. sara

    Well, I hope you get where you are going today! Back in the day when I traveled for work, cancelled flights were a way of life and usually I could cope…..except the “day trip” to NYC that ended up being an overnight……IN Newark Airport. That was awful. Simply awful. After that trip, I never went on a trip without plenty to do and a phone charger, even for a “day trip.” It is funny now but was not at the time, haha

  2. Laura

    May I ask if your shoes are clogs and if so, the details. I am always looking for a comfortable pair and am long overdue for new ones.

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