I was afraid of this

I’m stuck in Atlanta for 9 hours after my flight to Newport News was canceled … that’s assuming the one they’ve rebooked me on tonight isn’t canceled too as all flights to NN have been canceled so far today.

Luckily, I have my Kindle and my knitting, and the Sky Club. I’ve got a comfortable seat by the window and I just had them pour me a glass of wine.

8 thoughts on “I was afraid of this

  1. tirane

    as long as there aren’t any crying kids within range and you don’t have any super pressing responsibilities at home, you could try to look at it as a relaxing afternoon of reading and sipping. sounds pretty nice to me. cheers!

  2. SaraF

    Delays are so frustrating but as a seasoned traveler you’ve planned well for surviving this one. The east coast doesn’t sound like it has many places without delays today. Hope your evening flight actually happens. We got stranded in Minneapolis overnight due to weather both going to Vegas and coming home again in early January.

  3. Helen

    Fortunately the snow over night was quite powdery and it was fairly warm this morning. Most of the main roads are clear now.

    Looking on arrivals there is one flight from Atlanta that hasn’t been cancelled yet – hopefully you will get here today.

    We had a fun day at MAQF, there were so few people there that the owners and people working at the booths had time to chat. Not only that, but some booths I’ve never really managed to look around before because of the tight space I got to see.

  4. Shari

    We always overreact to weather here in Georgia – especially after getting caught off guard last year!

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