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A little progress

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There hasn’t been too much time for knitting this week but I’ve made some progress last night and today – we have stripes!

I’ve got 3 shawl/scarf projects going and this one is the Cameo Shawl.


I’m going to drive my Mom to my sister’s house tomorrow before driving back to FL over the weekend. Keith and I’ll are traveling next week and then I’ll came back up here. There won’t be much quilting going on!

Blue and Green Stars

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Debbie wrote me that she’d made a RWB version of my Blue and Green Stars and a customer of hers, Carolyn made one too. I love being able to share both quilts here since there is very little quilting going to happen in the next month or more. I’ll be running back and forth and traveling a little with Keith. I have knitting with me and hope to make progress on one or all three of the shawls/scarves I have in process.

Here’s Debbie’s version


And Carolyn’s scrappy version


Aren’t they both gorgeous?! If you’re interested in making one of your own, you can find the instructions on my website at the link above.

Changing plans

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I didn’t intend to quilt this top today but unexpectedly I’ve got to head to VA first thing Monday morning and I’m spending tomorrow afternoon with all the kids so I had to get this one quilted and everything packed up. My goal was to quilt 8 tops in the 2 weeks I was going to be here and I did get 4 done so those will go back to FL with me for binding. The other 4 will have to wait until the next trip as well as all the others I brought from FL and the ones already here.

You can’t see the quilting but I did some quick Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD on this RWB HeartStrings top of mine.


Chris and Becky were a big help as usual and helped me go through the boxes of stuff from the kitchen. Note to self, don’t ever let the contractor empty out the kitchen. NOT EVER! Thanks to the kids, the next time I visit and have to get everything washed and back in the appropriate cabinets it will be a much easier job.


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Today was a much better day – maybe the wine I sipped while knitting in front of the fire last night helped!

# 3 was quilted today with freehand swirls. This is my HeartStrings top that I pieced last year during one of our projects or was it 2013? Time is flying by so fast I can’t keep up.


I also got all three trimmed and #4 is loaded and ready to quilt. I’m seeing both Chris and Adam this weekend although our plans are still a little up in the air.

When it rains it pours

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Lots of issues both machine related and non quilting today … But I did manage to quilt this HeartStrings top pieced by Tish. It’s so sweet! I quilted some freehand flowers – again from the Pajama Quilter DVD. With everything going on, I’m going to stick to the tried and true and see how many tops I can get through. I could push harder but one per day is my limit and there will be some days I’m here that I don’t get anything quilted. I have the number 8 in my head but it could be more or less depending on how things go.


A better view of the quilting on the back.


I’m going to run over to the pub for dinner and then I’m cracking a bottle of wine. Believe it or not, I haven’t opened one since I got here Monday but that changes tonight!

I should have known

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My bobbin winder was acting up a little when I was here in October and I knew I’d have to get a new one eventually … I just didn’t know it wouldn’t work at all when I got back. Why didn’t I just order one and bring it with me?!! Luckily, I was able to figure out how to use the one on the machine. I’ve never used it as the one on my first Gammill never worked right and it’s easier to have a stand alone bobbin winder anyway. It works so I’ll be able to quilt but I’ll have to make sure I have two cones of whatever threads I choose to use.

First up is Tish’s red HeartStrings. It’s gorgeous! I’m quilting wonky feathers on it … Not sure why I chose a freehand design to warm up after not quilting for 3+ months but it’s very forgiving.


Don’t mind my dirty chair, it’s another thing I need to clean but this is why we keep this place … It’s so beautiful and peaceful. I have a view of the lake and mountain from the back patio.


I could almost cry

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I’ve been having a pity party today … I had been promised the condo would be completely done by the time I arrived but that didn’t happen so things are still in disarray … It’s better than October when I couldn’t use 2 of the 3 bathrooms or the kitchen. There are still no countertops, the kitchen stuff is all packed in boxes that were in the middle of the living room. And there were things all around my sewing room that they’d pulled out of the downstairs bathroom ( It had become a storage closet during the reconstruction) that I had to go through and discard, and move so I can finally get to work tomorrow.

Tish had sent me a couple boxes with backings and two HeartStrings tops so I opened those and pulled backings for 3 of my HeartStrings quilts and now I have 5 tops ready to go … I can’t wait to start tomorrow.


There’s not much I can do in the kitchen without any counters and with all the dishes and pots packed in boxes … Luckily I’m not a picky eater and I have the stove to use as a countertop.


Even luckier, I found the coffee and Kurig in the first couple boxes I opened up and with coffee and wine … I can get through two more weeks of disarray. I am so ready to have all the work done so I can focus on getting everything put away from the move – I’ve done what I can but there’s still a lot of organizing left to be done. Just call this the move that never ends.


Something new …

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I just said I didn’t have anything new to show but I couldn’t resist joining a knit a long. I probably wouldn’t have started the Cameo Shawl if I’d known I’d be starting another one tonight but now all 3 will go with me to GA. While I’ll be quilting during the day, the evenings will be spent knitting in front of the fire. I’m not a particularly fast knitter and with my time being split 3 ways, I don’t know how much progress you’ll see.

The purple lace scarf
The Cameo shawl
And now, the Brickless Shawl in Wolle’s color changing cotton.


How many knitting projects do you have going at one time?!