Cutting and pinning

I spent the afternoon and part of the evening in Mom’s sewing room cutting three projects out and pin basting this sweet little strippie for her. I leave tomorrow for home but she’s got both quilting and crochet projects lined up so she has plenty to keep her busy. 

I’m looking forward to getting started on a new top myself!

13 thoughts on “Cutting and pinning

  1. Diana Edwards

    I have made almost a dozen charity quilts using this pattern. Such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Angie Kiker

    That is sure cute fabric! And it’s going to be an adorable quilt! Your mother is such a sweetheart! Your so lucky to have her, and that you two can visit and plan projects. Safe travels

  3. Susan

    The fabrics in this quilt are fun…the perfect baby quilt! I’ve lost count of how many quilts I have made with this pattern…I absolutely love it!

  4. Marky

    Adorable Strippie! This pattern has become my “go-to” easy donation or baby gift quilt. Also the one I recommend to beginners, sending them to your website. Recently I’ve been making them with adult themed prints for lap robes for our local veterans’ nursing home. The pattern is the perfect size.

  5. sandy

    Darling fabric. I, too, make a ton of your Strippie pattern. In fact, I have about 2 dozen waiting to be quilted. Thanks for sharing the pattern so long ago.

  6. Lorraine

    So cute! I just made a Strippie quilt this weekend that will be used for a silent auction. Thanks for the pattern!

  7. Peggy

    Always loved this pattern. Have an employee who is expecting her first baby this summer. Plan to make at least one of these for her.

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