Couch potatoes

Got home tonight and doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the couch with Chesty … Was too tired to even knit.

10 thoughts on “Couch potatoes

  1. Ann

    After all you’ve done, couch potato sounds wonderful and I’m sure Chesty is appreciating it too.

  2. girl in the stix

    Looks like Chesty is enjoying the relaxed evening as well. Have a great day!

  3. Linda H

    Love ANY pics of Chesty … he looks so adorable just sleeping there in his “sports” attire. As Nancy said above … time away is good and fun but there IS no place like home …. rest up!

  4. Lauren

    So far so good. The fabrics are pretty. Finding the thread – excellent. You sound like me. I have a winter home and a summer home. I have divided things equally between the two locations, but I find myself hunting around for things that are in the location I am not, no matter which place I am in at the time. It can get frustrating at times, so a nice sit and cuddle with Chesty would be very good. He looks so contented.

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