I really struggled with how big to make this one – I’d intended to make it child size and big stitch quilt it but I kept second guessing myself. My go to quilt size is a larger lap or sofa size. In the end, I made myself stop at 12 blocks – that’s 42 x 56 – so I will plan to big stitch quilt this one next after I finish the Pinwheel and Rails quilting. 

I also assembled another small doll quilt from the trimmings. 

Do you feel compelled to point out your mistakes to others? I’ve been knitting my Brickless shawl too – I made a pretty big mistake last night but after discussing it with myself, decided not to rip back … No one will ever be able to find the error with it wrapped around my neck or shoulders, no one but another knitter would be able to find it and then probably only if they knew there was an error and were looking for it.  And I won’t even photograph it and show it to you. 

15 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Florence

    I’m always amazed how fast you can cut and piece a quilt top. Even if I had the whole day to sew, I could not stay on one project all day. It’s beautiful!

  2. Nancy

    I’m working on the same quilt, but mine will be 20 blocks.

    Knitting errors are like quilting errors – unless they are glaring, no one is going to notice.

  3. Julierose

    I do always feel that I have to point out my errors–silly, I know. One stitch or two turned the wrong way — no one will ever know…nice little dolly quilt hugs, Julierose

  4. sara

    Ah, yes, errors…….I can generally always see my errors in both quilting and knitting and I just hate it when I feel compelled to point them out. But it bothers me even more when someone else feels compelled to point them out to me! There is one gal in my quilt group who seems to thrive on finding mistakes in our quilts–she looked at one of mine the other day and exclaimed “why, I don’t even see any mistakes…..yet”


  5. Ann

    Wow, that was quick and a dolly quilt top too ~ you never cease to amaze me! And errors, why do we feel compelled to rip or point them out? Never have figured that out. Good for you to let it go!!!

  6. girl in the stix

    It’s not a mistake–it’s customized! I think our mistakes loom large because when we work on a quilt or a bit of knitting, we are looking at them only few inches away, which magnifies the, uh, design feature. Most people will only see your finished work from a much farther distance. I bet in a few months, you’ll have trouble finding the alternative stitching!

  7. Billie

    If you make mistakes they are well hidden. I love all the things you do. I will show the mistakes I make before I’ll show the good things I have done…….but I am getting better about that.

  8. shirley bruner

    i rarely take a mistake out when i piece a quilt top…unless it is glaring. sometimes i don’t see it and i put a picture out there and someone always says… made a mistake there. haha

  9. Linda H

    I refer to all my mistakes (those that I point out and those that I don’t) as “my Amish” … because the Amish feel that only God is perfect so they always MAKE a mistake in their handwork. Just think of it as “your Amish”.

  10. Vicki W

    Good for you! I think we spend way too much energy point out our own errors. Learning from mistakes is great but there’s no need to point them out to everyone. Let people enjoy what you made and that’s enough!

  11. Sue

    Errors! Well……yes, I feel compelled to point them out if it’s another quilter! I can’t help but think that they noticed it and were just being kind by not saying anything! But if it’s not a quilter, then unless the mistake jumps out at everyone, I usually don’t point it out! Sometimes our mistakes are complicated and I’ve seen the “glazed over eyes” look on their faces when trying to explain it…..LOL!

  12. Debra

    Both of your quilts are very pretty. As for mistakes I feel that if I can correct so that I can continue on in pattern and it will no be too noticable, leave it there.

  13. Ginger

    Ah, yes, the mistakes are “artistic license”, or didn’t you know that? It’s how we make each project our own 😉 That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Shhh – don’t tell the recipient of the baby quilt just completed about the upside down birch trees in the border.

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