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A week isn’t long enough!

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Yikes, Thursday is already gone and I’ve just gotten three tops quilted…a week isn’t nearly long enough!  I spent today with Adam, Caleb, and Bree at a train museum and then an indoor play area. Chris, Becky, and Rae met us for dinner before I headed back to Big Canoe. I should have time to quilt one more tomorrow before Chris, Becky and Rae come here tomorrow for dinner. 


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My aunt’s log cabin is done. I made some adjustments to the tension before I started and had no issues thank goodness!

The Pantograph is Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. My aunt sashed her blocks which is a little unusual for a log cabin. 

Next up will be this Pineapple quilt of mine. I frequently end up changing my mind about which thread to use and  I think the best way to choose one is to lay out several choices on the quilt. I should have done that with the little strippie from yesterday!

Can you guess which thread I’m using for this one?! It’s not the one I thought I’d be using!


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Can’t  say I’m thrilled with this one … Got a late start and have dinner plans so decided to quilt something quick. First, I needed to piece a batting. Usually I’d machine stitch this but didn’t want to set up the sewing machine – yeah, like hand stitching it was quicker. Normally if was going to hand stitch it I’d use hand quilting thread – couldn’t find the bin with that so used this size 12 perle cotton. 

I also had some tension issues even though it was the same thread I’d had on the machine yesterday that stitched beautifully so I had to spend extra time tweaking it and in the end, the brown thread probably wasn’t a good choice – I think it looks kind of busy. Maybe green thread would have worked better but it’s done and in the pile to go back to FL for binding. 

Binding bin

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Because I have so many tops that wait for quilting, I learned early on that I needed to set aside my binding when the top was completed rather than waiting until I was ready to bind the quilt if I wanted to use a fabric that was actually in the quilt. I don’t however make the binding … I just cut it, put it in a baggie which I sometimes actually label, and toss it in my binding bin. 

In addition to pulling the binding for the Rail Fence Quilt, I pulled the ones for two other tops I plan to quilt while I’m here. The bindings will be done back in FL. I also pulled the Ladybug Drunkard’s path top … I’ve decided to hand quilt that one and just realized I need to pull that binding too … and I should look through my stash for a backing.  I’ll stack up all the stuff going back to FL at the end of the week together so I don’t forget anything. 

I love the feeling of living in a tree house that we get here. Views of the trees from every window. 

I’m quilting

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I’ve got a top to quilt for my aunt that’s brown and turquoise so I decided I’d warm up on one of mine. This is a rail fence pieced from fabric leftovers from the HST quilt and it will be donated. The pantograph is Happy Times I think, I’ll have to check the end of it when I’m done to be sure. 

Mine is the one on the right, hers is on the left. 

Loaded on the longarm and the quilting in progress. 

A close up of the quilting

Chesty supervising

And this is what I did on my break … Ordered more Wollmeise yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Now I need to get back to work so I can finish this up. The goal this week is to quilt 4-5 tops. 

More old photos

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I really need to go through all of our old photos one of these days when I finally get settled. Today I found these here at Big Canoe. We’d had them foam mounted rather than framed and unfortunately they’ve been tucked away for years. 

Keith’s parents – now that they’re both gone, I’ll definitely have to find a place to hang this one again.

And these two of the boys are cute too. 

By the way, I just used my phone to snap a photo of these to share – instant digital copies but eventually, I’m going to do high resolution scans of all my photos. 

Do you have old photos tucked away that you haven’t looked at in years?

It’s done

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Its not fancy but the kitchen is finally done. It’s a small galley kitchen but it’s perfectly adequate. It’s needed renovating since we bought the place 9+ years ago but it just wasn’t a priority as we moved from Marietta just a year after we bought it and don’t get back as much as I’d like to. Maybe that will change now that my longarm is here and since we’ll be closer once we make the move to Tampa.