Binding bin

Because I have so many tops that wait for quilting, I learned early on that I needed to set aside my binding when the top was completed rather than waiting until I was ready to bind the quilt if I wanted to use a fabric that was actually in the quilt. I don’t however make the binding … I just cut it, put it in a baggie which I sometimes actually label, and toss it in my binding bin. 

In addition to pulling the binding for the Rail Fence Quilt, I pulled the ones for two other tops I plan to quilt while I’m here. The bindings will be done back in FL. I also pulled the Ladybug Drunkard’s path top … I’ve decided to hand quilt that one and just realized I need to pull that binding too … and I should look through my stash for a backing.  I’ll stack up all the stuff going back to FL at the end of the week together so I don’t forget anything. 

I love the feeling of living in a tree house that we get here. Views of the trees from every window. 

7 thoughts on “Binding bin

  1. Sara F

    Also try to cut and bag and label my binding while I’m cutting th quilts, except when it’s totally a scrappy quilt. Those bindings go into my binding drawer. I also have another drawer with binding leftovers and those come in handy sometimes to make a scrappy binding or to bind something small.

    You really do have a treehouse view. Very tranquil.

  2. kate

    oh you are so organized – and living in so many places at once is a test, isn’t it???? I have my stash up on shelves, and when I need binding, I just walk around in front of the shelves, carrying the quilt – at some point, the binding fabric will just jump out to me…well, usually it works that way… sometimes I just walk back and forth and back and forth, and then go lay the quilt down and try another day !

  3. sara

    Love your binding idea. I am way too lazy to use a ziploc bag so I just pin a note to the folded up binding explaining the quilt it is destined to bind and then I toss the entire lump into a basket. But explain this one to me: I have been following this method for years and I do not toss the binding into the basket until the quilt has gone to the long-armer for quilting……….so, how is it that the basket has an entire collection of “orphan” bindings????

  4. Nancy

    I’ve started making and labeling my binding for quilts, too. It helps motivate me to actually bind things quickly.

  5. Penny G

    You look out on trees and the view is so peaceful and renewing. Hope the trip brings peace and contentment.

  6. Tanya

    That’s a lot of binding! I’ll have to try and think ahead and put bindings aside as you do… Most of my quilts are scrappy though and when I have any leftover binding I just add it to previous leftovers. Pretty soon I’ve got a roll of scrappy bindings!

    I too love looking out into the trees.

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