More old photos

I really need to go through all of our old photos one of these days when I finally get settled. Today I found these here at Big Canoe. We’d had them foam mounted rather than framed and unfortunately they’ve been tucked away for years. 

Keith’s parents – now that they’re both gone, I’ll definitely have to find a place to hang this one again.

And these two of the boys are cute too. 

By the way, I just used my phone to snap a photo of these to share – instant digital copies but eventually, I’m going to do high resolution scans of all my photos. 

Do you have old photos tucked away that you haven’t looked at in years?

8 thoughts on “More old photos

  1. cityquilter grace

    nice photos…so wonderful to have them to remember good times….i just went thru my mom’s photos and took camera snaps of those i wanted…worked good too….

  2. Angie Kiker

    Wonderful pictures…and yes, we have hundreds of photos tucked away in a closet. What is so sad is that perhaps only a few will be treasured by the family when we are gone. That’s what happened with Bill’s mothers photo collection. The family picked out a few, and the rest got tossed. We still enjoy looking at them though, so I guess we shouldn’t ponder what will happen to them in the future.

  3. Sara F

    Wonderful photos and they probably bring back some great memories. I do have a lot of old photos. I scanned hundreds of old photos belonging to my mother-in-law when she passed away almost 3 years ago. Each of those scanned photos got an entry into a spreadsheet to identify who, where, when – if we knew. Now I wish I had the ambition to do the same with my mothers old photos and my own. I did find some recently that I didn’t know I had, and I scanned those. It’s a big job though.

  4. Susie Q

    Yes I have photos to scan and enjoy. Thing is I waited too long to do the ones I got 40 years ago from my grandmother’s place and all the town folks are dead and their kids did not stay in town… heck the town even tore down the high school that many were take in front of…. so the sooner the better in my mind. Scanning is a wonderful.

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