Dinner out

Dinner out with the kids and then home to light a fire and curl up in my quilt. Becky always gives me a hard time about having a fire but it was 66 degrees in the house when I got back – just cool enough wouldn’t you say?

6 thoughts on “Dinner out

  1. Penny G

    Your son’s smile is very much like yours. 66 is plenty cool enough for a fire, especially when you can turn it off when you start to get too warm.

  2. Florence

    Love the photos of your beautiful family. We have our stove on (in the 40’s) and that kind of cozy warm is the best. Bet Chesty loves it too!

  3. Linda H

    Never to “late” in the season for a fire … we have a burn pit outside that we use even during the summer months … but then we’re in Northern Michigan and can get cool nights … enjoy it!!

  4. Mayme

    A fire is good. I’m still building a fire in the wood stove every morning. If it gets to warm I just open the doors!

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