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I think I’ll knit instead

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The day started off well as I began quilting the little 16 Patch quilt. My plan is to big stitch diagonal lines creating a crosshatch design.

By watching how my needle lines up with the previous stitches, I hope to get fairly straight lines and avoid marking. 

Not too bad …

Hold on there, I knew there was a little fullness in the backing after I’d pinned it but what is this?!!!

Completely unacceptable! All the stitching and pins were removed and it’s ready for me to repin. 

I’ve been pin basting these little ones for a year for hand and machine quilting without any issues so I’m not sure why I did such a bad job on this one but for sure, I’ll be much more careful when I redo it. 

I think I’ll get out my knitting and set this aside for now. 


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Heading home from Mom’s and my flight is delayed – hope I don’t miss my connection!

We didn’t get much done from a quilting standpoint but I did cut out a tumbler quilt for her to piece. Mom’s lived in her house for almost 53 years and is sorting and clearing out things. Today we went through some old photos. 

A great one of my Dad – he was the family photographer so we don’t have a lot of good ones of him although there are some in this batch we sorted through that I’m looking forward to scanning and sharing with the family. 

I think this may be the only one I’ve ever seen of him with his brothers and sisters. 

An old one with me with all my brothers and sisters (can you pick me out of the crowd?).

And a cute one of my sweet boys with their cousin Brian. Chris is in the middle and Adam on the right. 


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I’m really enjoying the big stitch hand quilting I’m doing on these small quilts so since I finished up the Pinwheels and Rails, I pieced a backing and got this little 16 patch top pin basted and read to hand quilt. Chesty supervised!

For quilts going on the longarm, I order rolls of batting but for these child size quilts I’ve been hand and machine stitching here in FL, I’ve been ordering the Hobbs packages from Connecting Threads. When they’re on sale, these small battings are less than $6.

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Through the years, I’ve share instruction sheets for the quilts I design and make on my website While they’re available for anyone to use, I’m always thrilled when the instructions are used for donation quilts. I was reading blogs today and came across Nancy’s post showing a couple QOV kits she’d brought home to complete and was thrilled to see that my Patriotic Rail Fence had been kitted up by her local QOV group. 

I have progress of my own to report too – I finished the hand quilting on the Pinwheels and Rails quilt and am going to trim that today and see if I have a fabric that will work for the binding. I’m also making progress on the Big Red shawl but that’s going to take a while!

We’ve passed the inspection and appraisal hurdles on the Tampa Townhouse purchase but now I’m searching for insurance. Our insurance company, USAA, has decline to insure it due to the proximity to the coast. They have a partner they’ve referred me to so I’m not concerned about getting insurance but I’m betting I’m going pay more than I want for it. Luckily I just need a policy that covers the interior, the building itself is covered by a master policy that the association maintains. 


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It’s been a roller coaster. Friday we thought everything was agreed on, Saturday we found out it wasn’t, yesterday we signed papers to cancel the contract because the sellers wouldn’t reduce the price after the inspection found multiple things needing repair and this afternoon the realtor called and said they’d changed their mind and would accept the price reduction so the sale is back on. 

There’s a small community pool that was being resurfaced while we were there but it’s finished and the realtor sent me a photo. There are just 21 townhomes built around a courtyard. The pool is close by which is nice and will help get us through the HOT Florida summers!

Big Red

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I want a oversize shawl to take on my trip in June and was just about ready to start a simple one in grays and black but then I saw the big ball of Mountain Colors Wool Crepe yarn In the closet and decided to go bold with red. This will be a simple big red triangle shawl – hopefully it won’t be too boring to knit. 

And speaking of red, we bought a geranium for the deck … Flowers make me happy!

Let’s switch over to some quilting 

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I’ve worked on finishing two knitting projects so today, I’m switching over to a quilting project.  Marking additional blocks on my Pinwheel and Rails quilt for hand quiling. 

Such a cute backing ….

I hate it when Keith has to leave on Sunday but I do have some company while I sit and stitch and watch the Masters on TV. 


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Buying a house (townhouse) is a bit nerve wracking – the inspection came back with some issues so we had decisions to make which left me sleepless the last couple nights. Luckily, we easily renegotiated the price to cover a good portion of the unexpected costs and now I’m relaxing by the pool. I gave our notice here today that we would not be renewing our lease and that we’re moving out in June. I’m looking forward to getting settled and staying put for a while.  



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When will I learn to use a lifeline with even the simpliest lace? All my knitting time over the last two days is wasted and I still have to get this back on the needles but not now, tonight I’m walking away from it.  So frustrating – I would have finished this tonight.



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This may be my favorite HeartStrings quilt ever! Pieced by Tish and quilted in Feb by me, the binding is finally finished. It’s a good thing I went back to get the link above to show the quilting because with all the challenges with our Moms the last few months I’d forgotten that I needed to order a new bobbin winder! It would not have been good to get back there to work and find I hadn’t ordered a new one. 

I’m not sewing yet

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I’m knitting a little on my Brickless shawl but haven’t had the energy to get back in the sewing room and sort things out to sew but I thought I’d share a quilt Mom made … I cut these tumblers for her while I was visiting a couple months ago … She’s made a couple tumbler quilts and appliquéd flowers on them but this time I suggested another applique. Both the bears and the tumblers were cut with the Accuquilt GO which made it quick and easy. Isn’t it too cute?!