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On my drawing board

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After being gone most of the last two weeks, I had tons of stuff to catch up on over the last couple days. I’ve also finished packing up the sewing room so there will be no more piecing or quilting until after the move but that doesn’t stop me from looking at quilts and drafting my ideas for the future.

I love half square triangle quilts and this antique one on eBay appealed to me because of the strong diagonal line created by the red HSTs.

About 10 minutes playing with my TouchDraw app on the iPad and I’ve got a quick draft of a quilt to make sometime in the future. As you can see, it’s just a nine patch block with red half square triangles placed on the diagonal in the block. I would make this one with 3 inch half square triangle blocks, probably set 6×8 without borders which would create a quilt that is 54×72. That’s 432 half square triangle blocks. 144 red ones, 288 blue ones.

What’s on your drawing board?

What’s Mom up to?!

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She’s so busy … Completed all the projects I’d cut for her on my last visit including this little elephant quilt. She enjoys appliqué and has been making some of these quick little quilts with appliqué borders. I’ll post dimensions later but they turn out really cute. 

We also planned a bunch of new projects – I got 6 cut out for her and we ordered fabric for additional ones I’ll cut in July including a remake of this little 30’s quilt. The flower basket was in one of her books but she didn’t like the layout so I designed a new one for her. This quilt will go to my sister and she’s going to make a new one for herself.  Don’t you love the Baptist Fan quilting? I’m sure she’ll want that on the new one too – I’d better dust off my template. 


 I can’t wait to get back to some piecing myself. 

The joys of travel

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I’m pretty laid back about delays but I was a little distressed to be diverted to Augusta today, when the Atlanta airport shut down, to refuel and sit on the tarmac there for a couple hours. I’ve got two chances to get home tonight – if all goes well I’ll be late but home. Not sure if I have to fly out again tomorrow or not.  Will know soon. 

I love log cabin quilts

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Mom and I were talking today about cutting up some of her stash that she no longer wants into strips for log cabin or courthouse steps quilts. Log cabins are one of my favorite patterns and I’ve made many. In the last few years I’ve been using leftover strips and strings for them. 

I use the straight furrows setting a lot. 

And while I don’t usually enjoy sashing quilts, I like how this one turned out too. 

I keep my eyes open for log cabin quilts on eBay too when I’m looking for inspiration. These two really appeal to me. 

Vic shared her log cabin quilt with me today via email – she quilted freehand baptist fans on it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’ve been cutting and kitting up projects from Mom the last couple days … Will get at least one more done tomorrow for her and hope they’ll keep her busy until I visit again in July. 

Remembering those that served

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I make a lot of donation quilts and I find that I’m drawn to donate them to groups or individuals that touch me personally in some way. Both my father and father-in-law served in the military and I always try to make at least a couple quilts for veterans and/or wounded soldiers during the year. While not all of them are Red/White/Blue, some are and I often design in R/W/B even when I’m making a scrappy quilt. If you’d like to make a quilt to honor the veteran in your life, I have free instructions on my site. Normally this time of year, between Memorial Day and July 4, is reserved for making one but it will be a little later this year due to the move. 

Here are a few of mine from years past 

A view from above

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Flying into Newport News gets me excited about the Tampa Bay area. Can’t wait to be closer to the water. I don’t know how I lived so far away all those years … Yes,  there were lakes and the river but I love the coast!


And look who graduated! On to Kindergarden in August. Hard to believe Caleb’s such a big boy already. 


On the road …. again

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I got home last night around 10:30 pm and head out tomorrow around 8:30 am. Today I did paperwork, unpacked, did laundry, and packed again. Looking forward to seeing Mom. 

I’m not knitting, not sewing but I’m still looking at quilts.  I love this rail fence found on eBay a couple nights ago with different width strips. 

I made a string rail fence top last year but my blocks were bigger. I want to do another one I think with smaller blocks. 

I hate to clean!

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Keith and I did some cleaning this week but the last thing I’m having done before I head back to South Florida is a professional cleaning. So while I sit up in my reading nook in the otherwise empty bedroom, there are two maids downstairs scrubbing this place to death.  


While the new recliner isn’t the most stylish chair you’ll ever see it’s pretty darn comfortable and there’s plenty of room for Chesty which of course was the number 1 priority in picking out a chair. 


I’m working hard – really!

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Ive worked a lot harder today than these photos show!

Carpets are cleaned (thank you Stanley Streamer), sectional damaged but delivered (another thing to follow up on – they’ll replace the damaged section).

There was also a recliner delivered for my reading/knitting nook in our bedroom but it’s the wrong fabric (I’m keeping it anyway). Can you see the trend here?? Problems and setbacks at every turn. Nothing is going just as planned and I’m beginning to feel cursed!

The biggest issues surround our insurance for the property. We love that it’s close to the bay (in FL) but apparently the insurance companies don’t. Company #1 decline to insure it (my insurance company of 26 years). The 2nd one initially agreed to insure it but backed out when I reported the claim we had at Big Canoe (it wasn’t quite that simple but that’s the short version) we’re now hopefully insured with company #3 who seems to have accepted a larger number of dollars in exchange for coverage. Of course since company #2 backed out 2 days AFTER we closed, my mortgage company will be getting a letter saying I’ve been cancelled but hopefully I’ve managed to get reinsured and all the paperwork processed and to them before they get the cancelation notice (of course I’ve told them the policy was cancelled effective mid June – not trying to hide anything here). No gap in coverage and actually an overlap until I get the final paperwork for the new policy. 

At any rate, I deserve this beer! Sadly I didn’t sit out there long – the mosquitos came calling around 6 PM. Need to put OFF on the shopping list. 


Camping out

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We checked out of the hotel this morning and Keith went back to South FL. I’ve still got stuff to do here so I’m camping out at the townhouse. As I get settled in, I’m not sure it was a good idea. Hopefully, the noises from a new place don’t keep me awake …. hopefully, I can sleep on this cot… and tomorrow, I hope I can sort out a number of problems that have cropped up.