I’m working hard – really!

Ive worked a lot harder today than these photos show!

Carpets are cleaned (thank you Stanley Streamer), sectional damaged but delivered (another thing to follow up on – they’ll replace the damaged section).

There was also a recliner delivered for my reading/knitting nook in our bedroom but it’s the wrong fabric (I’m keeping it anyway). Can you see the trend here?? Problems and setbacks at every turn. Nothing is going just as planned and I’m beginning to feel cursed!

The biggest issues surround our insurance for the property. We love that it’s close to the bay (in FL) but apparently the insurance companies don’t. Company #1 decline to insure it (my insurance company of 26 years). The 2nd one initially agreed to insure it but backed out when I reported the claim we had at Big Canoe (it wasn’t quite that simple but that’s the short version) we’re now hopefully insured with company #3 who seems to have accepted a larger number of dollars in exchange for coverage. Of course since company #2 backed out 2 days AFTER we closed, my mortgage company will be getting a letter saying I’ve been cancelled but hopefully I’ve managed to get reinsured and all the paperwork processed and to them before they get the cancelation notice (of course I’ve told them the policy was cancelled effective mid June – not trying to hide anything here). No gap in coverage and actually an overlap until I get the final paperwork for the new policy. 

At any rate, I deserve this beer! Sadly I didn’t sit out there long – the mosquitos came calling around 6 PM. Need to put OFF on the shopping list. 


12 thoughts on “I’m working hard – really!

  1. kate

    Just remember, you are only able to solve one problem at the time – – even if you have 10 on the list, you can only address one – so, for this instant, you have one problem to focus on.

    Where is Mr. Chesty ???? you need a snuggle.

  2. Nancy

    If anything, you’ve learned to roll with the punches and spring back on your feet.

    Enjoy the beer and relax a bit more in the recliner.

  3. Vicki W

    You are certainly handling it well! I understand the insurance issue. Most carriers just won’t cover in the high risk areas anymore for any amount of money. I used to run the department that was in charge of assessing the wind and earthquake risks on the portfolio. There were lots of restrictions on exposure in FL and the west coast states.

  4. Florence

    I don’t understand why your insurance company had to pay for Big Canoe. That was the fault of your upstairs neighbor. I hope tomorrow is all positive!

  5. Linda H

    Did you check with others in your neighborhood to see who their insurance carriers are? Might be a resource … I would knock on a few doors 😉 One step at a time, one foot in front of another. Hope Keith is home for the long Memorial Day weekend and you two can find some time to relax together and discover your new surroundings. Hopefully Chesty will be with you soon … he is always a comfort! Linda

  6. Sue

    Ah….the joys of Florida! We had the same problem when we moved there (1998)…..bought a house…had a mortgage….couldn’t get insurance! The company we had for years prior to the move had a waiting list in Florida! We had never heard of that! But it all finally worked out. Good luck to you!

  7. Bonnie in va

    Fun times just doesn’t describe a move. We had a similar insurance issue with our beach house. Finally taken care of, thank goodness. But who needs more aggravation during a move.

  8. Diane - FL

    We (me and the dogs) were out last night for our walk and only made it as far as the sidewalk before having to turn back inside. The mosquitoes just covered me and my brown boy. He was shaking and jumping. I have never seen them so bad in the 7 years we have been here. I have to remember to buy OFF also.
    Good for you taking a break! Moving is stressful enough when things go smoothly, but throw in a sick dog, insurance woes and furniture dealing and you deserve all the breaks you can get. Take care!

  9. shari

    We’ve been very fortunate with out insurance, but we’ve never been costal..on any coast. Just mentioning the mosquitos makes me itch. They’ll come from a tri country area to find me1 OFF doesn’t do much for me. Sometimes the Deep Woods OFF helps, but I need DEET and even then I try to stay inside. I get big welts lots of itching, no fun. AZ is pretty good as w don’t get too many there. I spent a summer in Ft Walton Beach and nearly died. You can only stay underwater so long you know. LOL Hang in there.

  10. Mechelle

    We have ASI Insurance, FL company based in St Pete – they have an A rating w/AM Best so are financially stable. Course we have not had a claim in the 9 years we’ve been with them – hopefully never will! It was the only company that would insure us on salt water – south of Tampa.

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