I hate to clean!

Keith and I did some cleaning this week but the last thing I’m having done before I head back to South Florida is a professional cleaning. So while I sit up in my reading nook in the otherwise empty bedroom, there are two maids downstairs scrubbing this place to death.  


While the new recliner isn’t the most stylish chair you’ll ever see it’s pretty darn comfortable and there’s plenty of room for Chesty which of course was the number 1 priority in picking out a chair. 


10 thoughts on “I hate to clean!

  1. Penny G

    You are not alone – I hate to clean too. My daughter moved about 3 years ago and the smartest thing she did was hire a cleaning service to do the old house. The dumbest thing we all did was decide to clean the new one on our own. Washing walls could be my least favorite cleaning task. Repos that have sat empty for almost 2 years get very dusty.

  2. Florence

    I think your new chair looks very nice and it sure looks comfortable! Chesty will LOVE it!

  3. kate

    you are helping the economy. People need jobs. You have your job, Keith has his, and the cleaning ladies need to get paid as well.

    Can’t wait til Chesty tries out the new chair, too.

  4. Julierose

    i am not a huge fan of cleaning after so many years of having to do it!
    Buts DH and i can go through here in about 2 hours and get it done!1 hugs, Julierose

  5. Sara F

    I’m with you – hate to clean. Besides, the 2 professionals can probably do 4 times as much as you could do by yourself in the same amount of time.

  6. Nancy

    I think you have lots of company in this regard. Cleaning, unfortunately, is a necessary and unpleasant task that cuts into my crafting time.

  7. Angie Kiker

    The new recliner looks so comfy! I can’t say I hate cleaning, but at my age, I’m sort of tired of it. However, I consider it another form of exercise! Which I don’t get enough of!

  8. Linda H

    When I was working full time (60+ hours a week) I had cleaning ladies every other week … no way was I using any time off to clean. Retired and relocated to our new (to us) home which was a short sale that had a lot of abuse and FILTH. We did ALL the cleaning ourselves plus the house we sold was spic ‘n span to get it to sell well (we did get 3 offers first week on market). However, like you … I hate to clean and I do keep up with it now that it’s done here but it was very painful to go from cleaning ladies to doing it myself … LOL. That chair was perfect … please share a picture of Chesty in it when he gives it the “paw of approval” 😉

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