Remembering those that served

I make a lot of donation quilts and I find that I’m drawn to donate them to groups or individuals that touch me personally in some way. Both my father and father-in-law served in the military and I always try to make at least a couple quilts for veterans and/or wounded soldiers during the year. While not all of them are Red/White/Blue, some are and I often design in R/W/B even when I’m making a scrappy quilt. If you’d like to make a quilt to honor the veteran in your life, I have free instructions on my site. Normally this time of year, between Memorial Day and July 4, is reserved for making one but it will be a little later this year due to the move. 

Here are a few of mine from years past 

5 thoughts on “Remembering those that served

  1. Nancy

    I agree that a quilt is the perfect way to honor an acknowledge a veteran. I hope your post prompts many to be made.

  2. Joanne H.

    These are beautiful Mary, and THANK YOU for all of the patterns you provide to us for free. I have used a number of them over the years, often making them in patriotic colors. And like you, I often design in red, white and blue because I know that I will probably end up making at least one quilt using those colors. By the way, I sent you an e-mail earlier today about linking my blog post to your website. Thanks again for all YOU do!

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